My day from hell

Good evening everyone. I am very glad to be able to post to you right now because there was a moment yesterday where I thought I was going to die!

I got into my car early afternoon. I was on my way to physio and on the way I got the shock of my life. Before I knew it a black Audi went into my car and I landed up on the other end of the road! If that was not enough as I got out my car, the idiot who drove into me started to swear and threaten me. Nice guy…NOT. I called my mom and the cops and then I broke down. My heart was racing, body was shaking and my mind kept on re-playing what happened in my head over and over again. It was like my mind was stuck on replay. Was horrible and beyond scary but made me think…

Life is way too short! I mean in a split second, I was on the other side of the road. Thank G-D nothing serious happened and I am so grateful that I was not hurt so badly. All that happened was a smashed car, hurt muscles and an idiot who thought it was ok to threaten an 18-year-old. Each to their own I guess. This made me remember to be thankful for my life and everyone in it. My friends and family rushed to the scene and took me home as soon as I was able to leave.

I am doing ok. Each day at a time. I drove today and that was good. I drove to the scene of where it happened and I was not scared to go back at all.

Love you all and be thankful that you are alive and well. Thank G-D that you have loved ones and do not go to bed angry with anyone because life can change in a split second.




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