Turn that frown upside down, turn the bad to good

Hey guys:)

This past weekend, I sat by the fire place and had a lot of time to think. I thought about my life, my career, friends, bitches and so on. I then began to think of the people who I love dearly. I know right now they are going through a rough patch and I am trying to take my energy and place it onto them and I will have the bad energy but right now, this is not working. So I dedicate this post to all my friends and loved ones who are going through hell.

Imagine you are standing at the top of a giant slide.  You are looking down, seeing the drop, makes you rethink things doesn’t it? BUT the line behind you is long and the people are getting annoyed. The only way down is the slide. So you look at the drop again and before you know it, someone pushes you and you are at the bottom of the slide in no time. You get up, look at the top and realise the drop was not so bad and you did it! You got to the bottom of the slide.

You go on the golden loop and get stuck for a bit at the top of the circle upside down. Scary thought right? All your blood rushes to your brain and you begin to freak out. What does freaking out do? NOTHING except make you freak out more. No matter what, you will always end the ride the right way up and you will understand that the ride is designed to stop at the top whilst you are upside down for a bit. Life is the same…

We are often faced with 50 feet drops and golden loops. When we reach the bottom, we realise that we had no reason to doubt ourselves. Sometimes we just need a push from a friend or we need to take a deep breath and understand that freaking out will not help us find the solution or see the beauty from the top.

People are there for us and only do things because they love us, a push down is what we need and on the way down we may not like the person who pushed us but once we realise the end result and see that we needed the push, we will thank them in the end.

Other times it’s not a push that we need. Sometimes we just need someone to hold our hand when we are upside down. That person may not know what is going on or understand why you are upside down but they are there for a reason and when we try push them away, don’t be mad when they won’t let you. People just want to help you. No-one likes seeing someone sad.

Whether you are upside down, need a hand or a push, people are always there to help out. You are never ever alone.




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