This poet has to be on of the hardest ones I have to write and have ever written…

In life, we are given situations we feel we cannot deal with. Excuse the French but that is total BULLSHIT! We fear we cannot deal with it therefore we give into things to make us feel better and forget about the problem at hand… Were does that get you may I ask? What good does alcohol abuse, drug abuse or any other form of substance abuse get you? Answer is Rehab, the streets, Heaven or Hell…

Guys I know life may seem hard at times and I know it may seem like you cannot handle it but you CAN! I belive that G-D has put things in front of us to over come and to make us stronger, there is nothing in life he gives us so that we cannot deal with it. He is our father and the man who breathes air into our lungs… Have faith in him and have faith that what he gives us it there to help us grow as people not to bring us closer to shutting down and giving in. Yes sometimes the only thing you can do is let go and move on but please please please don’t turn to stupid things and don’t do stupid things because you feel like there is no way out. There is always a window or a key or a torch that will show you the way back home and back to yourself.

So lesson for today: don’t give in so easily to substances. Try and find the solution or just keep the faith




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