Prelims…worth it

By: Ashlee Zlotnick

Who knew I would get to sit
and watch papers be handed out?
Shaking from the cold and my nerves…
Honestly I had my doubt
BUT here I sit with my grade
for one last time
before our FINAL exams…
I think this should be a crime.

Buttons being pushed
and pencils meeting the floor.
No way out now!!!
They have locked the door.
A sneeze here and a cough there,
the noise echos through the hall.
It’s as if it’s taunting us
and the past results plastered on the wall!

It’s a pass or fail
no in between here.
It feels the same as when an evil witch
asks,”Is that all my dear?”
It’s like a prison cell.
Guards(teachers) watching your every move.
G-D forbid you look at the roof
because you’ll put them into their evil groove.

My advice is simple:
Yes it is hard but worth it.
It prepares you for the world which is cruel.



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