Young,brave lion

By: Ashlee Zlotnick

Staring out the window,
I remember a memory so clear.
I knew exactly what I wanted.
I knew who I was and my career.

I was a friend.
Someone’s lover and a mentor.
I was an older sister
and I hope not a bore.

5 years later
I am still a sister and friend
but now I need to rely on your memories
to help me get through what’s around the bend.

As I continue with life
I carry you in my heart.
Whether I’ at school,dancing
or putting your favourite chocolate in the cart.

I hope you are looking down at me
because often I look up at you Ryan.
You always used to protect me…
Time to fend for myself. R.I.P my young, brave lion.



  1. Very sad Ashlee. Well expressed.

  2. Bristo Jiu Said:

    best wishes.,…

  3. never let opposite point of view rule your mood,

    live on your own confidence, bless you.

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