Boredom icon

By: Ashlee Zlotnick

My ass is numb.
I have done the sum
to figure out what’s going on.
This is the exam boredom icon.

Arms go up, hands go down.
We look like an idiotic clown.
Eyes are glossy
and teachers are bossy.
Just smile and wave
to the kid named Dave.
Time to start to write.
Open the paper, and you turn white.
I was not told about this…
Got to give that section a miss.

2 hours later
you finish the paper.
Jokes on you bro
because boredom will give your mind a go.
Bored out of your bracket???
You begin to make a racket.
Chew your gum, stamp your feet
then go back and forth on your seat.

Minutes pass so slow
you can’t wait to get up and go.
I’m constructive and spent 2 minutes on this poem.
Time to draw a snowman and dome.



  1. icon-design Said:

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  2. Umesh Rao Said:

    The monotony of exams described very well in this poem 🙂
    Brought back memories of my exams!

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