Cannot sleep

Hey guys

I cannot for the love of me sleep so I figured I would catch you all up on my life and so on…

I started prelims today. I have no more school classes for the rest of my life! This idea is scaring me a bit I would lie but I honestly am fed up with school and certain people in it! I am not one to hate however this one chic makes it ver very very hard for me not to hate. Everything with her is a contest and I am sorry but I refuse to compete for people and for friendships. If someone is your true friend, they are going to be there for you regardless of who else is in their life or history. I guess this is how I feel and at the moment I feel as if I am in some way being replaced. I know I cannot be replaced as I have history with my friends and no-one can take a memory away however right now I feel as if people are trying very hard.

I have a lot on my mind lately and I think that is what is keeping me up tonight…. Wish my lil sis was here so we could cuddle. I love that child so much and I am going to miss seeing her everyday but we will get through this and be stronger than ever.

I know I am not in a negative hole as I refuse to go into one. Life is great other than a bump or two in the road but hey I am alive and well and my family is well so I have nothing to complain about it.

Hope you have a great week and are sleeping sound as I am typing this




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