My cocktail phase

Good evening all my gorgeous viewers

Hope you are all well this fine evening. I am going through a very weird phase at the moment. To be honest, I feel like I am a cocktail. Lots of drinks mixed together but taste good:P Only joking to an extent…

Firstly it feels very weird not going to class. I cannot believe I am finished actual school. It is a very scary yet amazing feeling. I feel all grown up and old now and I cannot wait to begin my life outside of my school walls but at the same time I am going to miss a lot of people however I am not going to miss the school system.

Dancing has become a bit of a pain but I have put up with all the drama and on Sunday it is finally going to pay off. My show case is going to happen and I am beyond excited to get up on that stage and dance and show the world all my passion and fire that burns inside of me when it comes to performing and dancing.

Social life does not really exist at the moment as Matric has taken us all hostage for the next few months but it is ok. To be honest I am not really phased about it because I know all the hard work will pay off or so I hope.

As you can see I have a whole lot of emotions running through my veins and I am not sure what to do with them. When they want to come out they just come out and I do not plan on stopping them as my emotions remind me why I started my blog and it also reminds me that I am human and cannot do everything without caring and breaking. Time to take a step back from a few things and time to do things for myself and not worry about stepping on other people’s toes.

As for you guys, I am sorry I have been neglecting you but there is not much free time I have to write on my blog. When I get the chance I promise I will write and keep you all updated with what is hot and happening in my life.

So for now I bid thy a good night.




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