Obituary: self-respect

Self-respect was a concept that most girls had in the old days but as society grew, the death of self-respect happened.

Women were held back in life when it came to their position in life. They were glorified maids and had to stay home and look after their children but they always had self-respect. They dressed elegant yet gorgeous. They looked after their image and always looked presentable.

Then plastic surgery came along and we all thought self-respect would grow and allow people to love what they look like but that did not happen. Once the one thing was fixed, a new problem on their face arose until they have had so much surgery, they look as plastic as a Barbie doll.

Self-respect went down and dresses and skirts went up! Now days girls wear their dress so short that when they bend down, you can see that they are not wearing any underwear. Come on girls!!! You are ALL gorgeous and you do not need to sell your body to get a guy because at the end of the day, everyone want to be with someone who respects themselves.

Crop tops, fish net stockings, really really short shorts… you look like a prostitute. You could audition for PrettyWoman.

Let us from now on allow self-respect to live on inside us all. There is a big difference between looking sexy and looking slutty. Let’s make the world a gorgeous place where people’s beauty shines inside and out.


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