Miss me???

Hi all I know it has been too long.

Bet you have all thought I have forgotten about you… Well that is not true! My life has been so busy that I have not even had time to see my friends let alone have alone time with a computer where I can offload all my problems and inner most thoughts.

Turns out today has not been the best day for most people I know. In fact, this morning was horrible!  got woken up by a lovely sound of screaming and blaming. Not the best way to wake up I would say. So I decided that because this person woke me up the way she did, I was going to be as horrible to her as I could be. Every message I typed out where I was as honest as I could be and told her exactly how I felt and where she could shove her attitude up… I ended up deleting every word and I just ignored her. She was not worth my time and energy and the fight was over something that was stupid and was ruining my passion.

Turns out, speaking out of anger was not the best idea so I took deep breaths, relaxed myself and continued with my day. I did not let her get the better of me nor my day. I ended up having a great day with friends and family and if I had spoken out of anger, I promise you now I would be sitting in my room fuming as hell instead of posting to you guys and helping you all see my views of life.

See I have been the person that has been angry and blames the world for everything.I was the first one to see the bad and to pick a fight. In my eyes, the world was out to get me and everyone was an enemy. Needless to say I have changed A LOT and now I always look for the silver lining and green grass.

We can always make our grass-green by giving it some water and some TLC

Love you guys




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