Stage of the bruise

Hey guys

So at the moment I feel like I am a giant bruise.

I feel as if I was hit by a 7 ton truck or Matric as people call it and I am a bruise that is very painful and is slowly changing colour. Truth of the matter is: I have been writing exams for about 4 months now and I still have 3 weeks to go.!! It is like I am on the run away train to nowhere and I want to get off now!

I know that the end of matric means that it is the end for seeing my school friends everyday and that is the pain of the bruise. School and these exams that are trapping the blood from getting out(sorry about the details:P) but it is true. As much as I do not want to end the only thing I have ever known, I am eager  to know what else is out there.

This year has been long and hard and just like a bruise changes colour, my mood, my personality and attitude has changed as well. I feel like one second I am happy and the next all I want to do is ball my eyes out and snuggle! Then I am fed up and cannot look at another word. I am not a mess, I am just a bruise at the moment.

I know this will all go away once I get onto that plane and party and relax for a week solid! I really need some friend time at the moment and this holiday is the last time I will be able to be with friends all together for a really long time as a lot of my friends are moving away to study or taking a gap year in London. My other friend is moving to New York and I fear that I will never see her again.

So you see, there is a lot going on but it is going on all at once and when I finally catch my breath, it will all be over. Guess all I can do is deal with one thing at a time and go from there. Everyone tells me that everything happens for a reason and we can handle anything we are given… Now is the time for me to prove it as now is the time for me to grow up…

Scary thought right!





  1. lucywilliamspoetry Said:

    Your life is about to get amazing, trust me school will not be the best years of your life for very long. p.s. there is never a need to grow up ; )

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