RAGE 2012

Good evening all my gorgeous viewers!

It has been way too long since I last posted but I was away on my matric vac and let me tell you it is a vacation I will never forget!

1 week of constant party’s. There was no time to stop and breath or even sleep. Over all I think I may have had about 10 hours sleep max. If you get the chance to go on Vac or send your kids, do them or yourself a favour and go! The whole week I spent meeting new people and chilling with old friends.

Truth is the first few days did not seem like it was real. I waited 3 months for this holiday and then it was here and when I was there I could not believe that I had survived matric and had this opportunity of a life time. Yes it had its ups and downs. The up side was I got what I wanted and I got to meet new people and I entered the real world for the first time as a person and not as a school student. Down side was I missed my family a lot! For you see, Umi is a place where me and my lil sis became us. Being there without her was strange. Some with my family. Most of my family live in Durban so being there without my siblings and parents was also strange but I loved every moment of it and I will do it again in a heart beat.

It is hard for me to describe how the partys were but I will try: Picture yourself in a huge hall. Now add 10 000 screaming teenagers. Now add smoke machines, cigarettes, alcohol and music that pierces through your body! That is how they were. As everyone danced, the floor would shake and as the night went on, everyone was sweating but it did not stop anyone from dancing.

The week started off with eager teenagers that lit up the streets with their passion to party and by the end of it we were all on the beach watching the sunrise and eating fast food and then we all just crashed from pure exhaustion. The plane ride home was funny. I cannot sleep during the day eveb if I have had 1 hour sleep. The whole plane was filled with Rage people and every single one of them were fast asleep.

So that was my Rage holiday in a nut shell. It is hard to describe it and I did try my best but truth is you have to experience ti for yourself to realise how mind blowing it really is. Was my first holiday I have had as an “adult” and I hope I have many more just like it.



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