Life Update

Hey guys

Yes I know it has been way too long. I thought this holiday was going to be relaxed and I would have lots of time to write but I guess not. I have been running around all over the show and on top of that, I got a job at a bar. Had to write a test today about the menu and stuff so we will see who gets chosen to be permanent staff and who does not.

My mom turned 40 yesterday. We had a party for her and all her friends came but what meant the most to her was the gift my siblings and I made for her. We made a scrapbook containing the 40 years of her life so far. Every page she cried and the more she cried, the more I cried. It is amazing to see how something so simple could mean so much to her or anyone for that matter.

I took a step back last night to observe what was going on. I came to realise that I am very lucky. I have the best parents, amazing friends and astonishing siblings. My life is full of love and no matter how hard life is sometimes, I have a steady flow of love to help me through life and that is all that matters to me. It is not about how much money you have or material things you have because at the end of the day, the only thing that can make you truly happy is LOVE. Loving yourself is just as important if not more than loving other people. If you can love yourself, others can love you too.

Last night my one older sister and I snuggled after the party. Was nice because I got to speak to her about what is going on and how I was feeling about certain things in my life. A change is coming soon in my life and it is going to start with my matric results…

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