HappyNew Year!!!


Happy New Year Everyone:)

My new year’s resolution is simple, I need to stay true to myself. There is no use in losing what I have become this year because I have turned into the person I want to be.

This year has been beyond hard! Dealing with Ryan’s death, losing family members, matric was one of the biggest roller-coasters of my life and heartbreak but you know what, it was not all that bad.
I did matric for Ryan and me and I am proud to say I passed with good marks. I spent two years working my butt off to get to where I am today in terms of my education and all the hard work has paid off. As for my emotions when it comes to Ryan, every single day is different. There are days when I really need to speak to him and I miss him so much that it hurts but then I also get the days where I know what he would say to me and I would look up at the sky and smile because I know he is proud of me and he knows I will make the right decision. My uncle Abe is not suffering anymore. He taught me that I must not give up no matter how hard the fight may seem. As for heartbreak, well I’m a heartbreak survivor and I have learnt my lesson! I know now that guys are creatures us girls cannot live without but that does not mean that you must let them take advantage of you. We are princesses and deserve to be treated like one.

As much as I love New Years, I cannot help but feel sad. For you see, today two years ago was the last time I got to see Ryan. I was his last friend he ever saw and I am very honoured I got to spend his last New Years with him. Today, as I looked up at the sky, the clouds moved away from the moon as I thought about him and when I stopped, the clouds covered the moon and the stars came out. Was the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen.

2012 gave me a lot. It showed me who my true friends are and who were there just to tag along on the ride of Matric. But the thing I am most grateful for is: it brought me so much closer to my lil sis. This year was a very very bumpy trip. There were huge obstacles to overcome and mountains to climb but we did it together and we are stronger now than ever. I know that 2013 will bring me even closer to her and I thank G-D for her every single day because without her, I would not have been able to get through this year.

Friends come and go but family is forever! Blood means nothing. If the person is there for you and loves you like family, then they are family.

Thank you all for supporting me and my blog this past year and I wish you all the best for 2013. May all you dreams and wishes come true. May you have health, wealth and happiness in the near future and many many more years to come.

Speak to you all soon


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