One for the books

Good morning all my gorgeous viewers and 2013

Last night was one of the most eventful and unique New years party I have ever been to.

Picture this: 4 teenagers, a few people in their 20’s and everyone else over 40. We were all sitting around one table and each person was mind-blowingly unique! Us teenagers just sat and listened at the beginning. Disses(insults) were flying across the table. One lady turned around and said to her son’s best friend that she loves him but will feel nothing if she stabs him. Ok so that is how my evening started. The jokes and insults got more funny as more alcohol got into their system. ‘Excuse me but remind me what it is I like about you because right now, I don’t think there is anything.’

I have never laughed so much in my life. One lady got so drunk that she was going on about her boobs and how her dogs are her children which I can relate to because my dogs are my babies as well. The night was filled with laugher, great food and alcohol and the best part of the whole night was… AGE DID NOT MATTER! None of us cared who old we were, we all got along and it was one of the nicest evening I have had in a long time.

It ended off with my family and I setting off a lantern into the sky and making a wish for the New Year. Was magical.

So that was my New Years Eve. We laughed, watched fireworks and spread the love.

Happy New Year everyone



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