Star-Gazing at life

Sometimes when you look at the stars, you can see them instantly. They stick out like balls of fire in the sky that are proud to say, ” I am here, look at me!” Not a cloud or mist to cover the stars. It is a clear starry night.

Other times there are clouds and you have to actually look for the stars. And amongst the clouds and mist, there is a little star or two trying to play hide and seek with you. Key is to clear your mind and the stars will appear to you… If you do not look for them, you will see them peeping out from behind the clouds.

This is just like life. Sometimes all the good in your life is as clear as a night’s sky filled with stars. Other times you have to look past the bad to see the good. The clouds will eventually clear and then you get to see the beauty of star-gazing and how it clears your mind… Focus on the good because it creates a filter in your mind and life begins to look a lot more magical.

Life is not about how many clouds there are. The clouds help you see the stars in the end. They sort of the curtains that are opening up slowly and you just get pieces of the stage, costumes and actors and as more and more is shown, the more gorgeous the stage looks and the more the stars shine.


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