I am a sister before a girlfriend

Hey guys

So I have had this one thing at the back of my mind that I need to get off my chest. This post is mainly for two people but I want everyone to see it so that you can all understand my thoughts and maybe it can help you in your own situations one day.

So I have two little sisters. One is my Shmoobear and the other is my lil sis. They both mean the world to me and I am their big sister before anything. When I am with people and they need me, I will stop what I am doing and be there for them however they need me to be. Whether it is a shoulder to cry on or a phone call. Whatever they need me to do, I will do!

I got to a stage in my life whereby I started to date. When I would bring a guy home, Shmoobear will sit in between me and this guy and make sure he knows that she is there. She is very possessive over me sometimes and she feels like I replace her with a guy. This is where they both come in…

I am with a new guy at the moment and he is very sweet and charming and he makes me smile. 2 days ago I told them both that I have a guy and then problems came… I went out on a date and they both went all weird on me. The one got angry at me for going out and not taking her with me and the other went quiet. When the two of them get like this, I begin to panic and stress out a little bit. The whole date I had a lot of fun and I went to new places which was cool but then I got home and the one just would not talk to me and the other was still quiet. I now need to explain something to you both…

I am also a little sister. I know how it feels to have your older sister find someone new. You think that she won’t have time for you and that you now come second to this new guy and that things may change between the sisters because of the guy. That is where you are both wrong. You see for me family comes first. You are both my little sisters and I love you both more than you can ever imagine. Just because I am with a guy, does not mean I don’t have time for you. I does not mean that I am going to replace and forget about you. It does not mean that the things we do together, I am going to do with him.

There are certain things a sister cannot give another sister but a boyfriend can. It is not only physical things but it is also mental things as well. Having said that, there are things that a sister can give you and no-one else can. For example: When I am crying my eyes out about anything, all I want is my sisters to give me a hug and some love. I have never wanted a boyfriend for that. There is nothing better than a sister’s love and that love can NEVER be replaced with someone else. I can’t be shared between everyone because there are certain things I can only do with one of you and I cannot do with anyone else. Sis, I can only Snuggle with you! and Shmoobear, when I am balling my eyes out over a guy, I can only sit in your room in a little ball while you make me drink some weird green stuff. I love the both of you more than life itself and no matter how serious I get with a guy, he could never replace you because there are just certain things he could never give me or make me feel.

I love you round and round the world and never ever stops!and lots and lots of jelly tots



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  1. lucywilliamspoetry Said:

    I have a little sister to who I am very close to. I am also engaged. My fiance and sister get on really well, they are six years apart in age so act like a big brother and little sister. My sister rents the house next door to me and my fiance’s house. I would do anything and everything for both of them and neither one expects me to do any less for the other one. They both quite happily share my love : ) You, your sisters and new boyfriend can be like this to, it just might take time!

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