Time to drink what is left in the glass

Hey guys:)

So I have been having a very strange day today. You see, my house has been a non stop train station and yes I do enjoy having people and always having something to do but today was a bit much and I was on my own and I had to do everything on my own and then It happened…

They say that it hits you like a ton of bricks but this time, it legit hit me! A box and 2 files fell off the top of my cupboard and hit me on my head. It was bloody sore and then I realised what it was. It was my box with my stones and oils and cards and all my spiritual stuff. As I started to page through my file I began to do remember why and how I became like I am today. Truth is I have not been a good girl my whole life. I went through the dark and scary phase and I am not prepared to go through that again. My abilities and other aspects helped me realise who I really am. Right now back to the present.

I am placed in a situation whereby I am stuck between 2 parties. Both I considered my family at one point and that is when I realised this: Family would not want to hurt family. LOVE is a four letter word that runs my world. Not money or any of that shit, LOVE! Once I have told you that I love you, I would do anything for you. Of course I would only take a bullet for certain people like my parents and three siblings but I would do other stuff for other people. Once I consider you family, you will forever hold a piece of my heart.That is just how I work and always will. Yes I get hurt more than most people but hey, live and learn right. I just forget the learn bit but I will get there. Once you have hurt me enough times, I am done with trying to be there but if you call me at 3 in the morning I will answer! because I once made you a promise that when you need me, I will be there and I hate breaking promises.

If you lie to me and I find out, I honestly cannot trust you full heartedly again. How can you trust someone who once lied to you? If they lied to protect you like keep information from you until they knew all the results, that is a different story but to lie about your life and job and to tell someone that you got robbed mean while you did not, you looking for trouble and those are the types of lies I do not tolerate. They say you need to look at the glass as half full never half empty well now I am getting thirsty and I think it is time for me to drink what is left in the glass and be thankful that the glass was there to give me something to drink for that time being. Let me explain my thoughts.

Sometimes You have to let go of a person in order to back up someone else. Sometimes you have to realise that it is enough with the lies and the tears and the heartache. It is now time to say thank you for the memories you were given and to realise that you did what you could and right then, in that moment, the choices you made were what you needed in that time. Every decision you make, you make because it is what you believed you needed and wanted and as you get older you begin to realise and rethink your actions BUT you cannot regret what you did and chose. Your choices were made because you knew no better and now that you do, you can make another decision that will benefit what you need right now. Who knows, maybe in a few years time, you will once again fill up that same glass but for now, it is time to drink the content and place the glass back on the shelf.



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