Exams are over!

Hey guys:)
So here it is… my first college exams are over! I survived them and now my brain is fried. Sitting in my bed, thinking of what is going on in my head I realised what my problem has been.

For the first time, I have not ended school on the same day as my siblings. Sure, whilst I was in matric, my exams were different but we would always start on the same day and end the same time. Now, I get to spend the next week or two on my own whilst my siblings are at school. Also, I did not spend my day with my little sister and that upset me a lot. I spent my day with college friends and in a body expo. Was lots of fun and I had a blast but I felt as if something was missing today.

Ryan did not get to feel the way I did today either. Placing the pen on the desk, getting up with a grin on my face, signing that I wrote the exam and walked out with a feeling of relief and as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. See, college exams are different. They count for the rest of your life so there is more pressure on you. Guess I just have to get used to it and be ok with starting and ending at different times and dates.

The people who mean everything to me are there for me and are still there after school. I have my guy friends and my little sister, honestly I don’t need more than her. She completes my family. Love you lots little one xxx

So today was a good day and overall, I enjoyed it but a piece was still missing.


P.S. Check out my new section which I will be launching soon


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