Beyond shocked

Hey guys so my body has just gone into total shock! I cannot believe what I just saw…

So my family is filled with wack jobs. We are a bunch of mad people who love to have fun but still have boundaries… well some of us. Some of you might know my family history but let me explain it again. In my family we have these cousins that don’t live here but the one is a twin. One twin lives here and the other lives in another country. Anyway, one of the twins have turned out to be a very nice yet scary guy and the other is a complete alcoholic!!! A few years ago we went paintballing and he got beyond drunk and shot his kid with paintballs until he cried.

When I see this guy, my whole body goes cold and I just cannot look at him because all I see is the bad experiences I have had with him and how he treated my cousins. I just saw him now and I promise you, if the hill outside my house was any steeper, he would have fallen down the hill and into a car or two. I have not seen this man for a very long time and I honestly got a shock! I forgot how bad he really was. He could not speak let alone stand or walk straight. I know my limit when it comes to drinking and I know that I could never ever be an addict because of what it does to the family.

I feel sorry for any addict but you have to understand that it is never too late to change and that life is not that bad. You alive!!! and that alone is something to be thankful for so sometimes it is better for you to think about your family and friends and how your actions effect them and their lives. Get some help and turn your life around for the better! I know life is not perfect and sometimes you feel like you cannot deal with it but take a deep breath in and out and think of one good thing you have in your life. Surely that one good thing is worth keeping it together for?


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