Time flies by

time flys
By: Ashlee Zlotnick

8 months in.
4 weeks to go.
Time flies by
when you trying to lay low.

I’ve made new friends
and lost a few too.
People grow a part.
There is nothing you can do.

I’m surrounded by new people.
People who share my interest.
Sometimes I feel as if
I’m in a room filled of mist.

I do miss school.
I miss my little walks.
Truth is I miss my grade
and my sister’s and my talks.

But the important people stayed
and our relationships still grow.
I love them more and more
and my moral of this story goes like so…

Time waits for no-one.
Relationships are a two way street.
You need to enjoy every day you have.
Try hard even when there is heat.
And NEVER give up on someone you love


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