I am one proud sister

Hey guys

So tonight I experienced something that I have never come across before.

Every single year my Shmoobear(little sister) dances in this one competition. I have yet to miss a dance and every dance I can go to I go to. I do her make-up and hold her hand while she has her hair done because this stuff is beyond painful! Anyway, this year was no different. We sat on the stairs and waited to go in and then she began to dance…

Firstly she did modern which was awesome and I clapped and screamed as usual and then contemporary came along and that is when the tears started. Her whole group came on stage dressed in black. The skirts were gorgeous and their hair looked amazing! As she started to dance, I started to smile and then it hit me. My little Shmoobear is not so little anymore. For the first time on stage I saw her as a woman and not a little girl. The more I watched her the more I cried and the dance was so moving so I cried some more. When the ran off stage, I looked at my mom and she was crying as much as I was and then we turned back and all the other mommy’s were crying and everyone was just in tears.

They got an A for both their dances and I am beyond proud of all of them. They have grown into such a strong and passionate group of girls and watching them dance is mesmerising. I am not one to boast but they really are a bunch of talented young women and I am very proud of each and every one of them. I am very proud of my Shmoobear and I am very happy that I have a sister like her in my life.

Love you lots Shmoobear



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