Time to smell the roses

Hey guys

So I am sitting on my bed and crying. Nothing is wrong but I am listening to a CD I haven’t listened to in a very long time. 2 years to be exact… This was mine and Ryan’s favourite CD and band. Simple Plan was like our jam and now here I am listening to it without him. I feel like I am cheating or something but now my brain is working and it is time for everyone to wake up and smell the roses!

See Ryan died and now I have not enjoyed the lyrics of this amazing band in 2 years. That is just wrong on so many levels. This CD got me through a lot in the past and it can still do the same today. Right so it is now time for us all to learn a lesson. Everything in life happens for a reason. We have people come in and out of our lives for reasons. Relationships mould into something unique for a reason. Every relationship is different and they all have that unique aspect to them in order for you to grow as a person and as friends, siblings, spouses etc. I am who I am because I need to influence, help, support people in such a way that they understand and feel better. I am a fixer and when I can’t fix, I break or don’t sleep until I can fix. Maybe that is my purpose in life… To be there for people and make them believe in themselves and run to me when they need help. I am ok with this because its who I have become and I love who I am! Every person in my life has helped turn me into the girl I am right now and I thank them all because if it wasn’t for them, I would not be who I am. For example, I write because of my old English teacher who taught me to believe in my writing. I was able to help people medically because of Timor( there is your shout out Timmy) My aunt and uncle made me believe in my photography… these are just some examples.

Now time for the lesson… you woke up this morning for a reason. You gave that person a hug for a reason. You said hello to that guy so that one day he could become your husband. Guys there is so much negativity in this world at the moment that we have all lost sight of what really matters and that is our love and acceptance of people. People are the way that they are for a reason and if you can’t accept that then that is you problem not theirs. Don’t hate someone because of who they love or what they look like. If they happy and are a good person, that is all that matters. If we were all the same then we would not have doctors, nurses, artists, different music genres or movies. Can you imagine no horror movies or comedy… only Romance because why would we need variety if there was only one type of person…

Embrace people’s differences and be glad and proud of who you are because your uniqueness helps someone out and helps them grow and learn



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