I know I have done something right

Good evening all my gorgeous viewers

My post tonight is very light hearted but has a lot of meaning and deep thoughts in it…

My whole life my parents have brought me up to do the right thing. Be a big sister that my siblings can idol and look up to. I do admit that at the back of my mind, I have always tried to be the perfect older sister but I went through a stage in my life that stopped me from being the best sister I could be. I went down a dark road and I was not happy with the look of the end of the road so I changed paths and here I am today being the best sister I can be once again.

Having said that, I have not always done the right thing. I make mistakes and do things I shouldn’t and then proceed to tell my siblings about it or I do it in front of them like drink alcohol and get tipsy or once I have gotten totally drunk and they were there. I cannot be perfect all the time and I am nowhere close to being the “perfect” role model but it is the bad that I have gone through that allows me to notice the wrong path and allows me to guide my siblings in the right direction.

I have not been in the best head space at the moment. I am going through a lot and that takes a toll on my siblings as well… When I got cheated on, Shmoobear (youngest sister) made me green juice to cheer me up. When I have period pains, my brother would put lip gloss on me and make me laugh. Today, my lil sis came to me to cheer me up and we just sat and watched a movie and played with ice and spoke… Every one of these moments and others have made me realise that I have done something right in my life.

You see, for some people being a sister comes after friends and social things whereas for me, being a sister is my pride and joy. I must have done something right in my relationships with them that they go to the ends of the earth to make me smile when I am down. Every relationship is hard and takes time but spending those endless hours building up relationships with my siblings has allowed me to grow a support group that I can rely on to make me happy and make me smile again.

Time costs you nothing but can make you earn so much! I always say that family is everything and it is them that is always there so you might as well make it worth your while because they not going anywhere and they are half of you so you might as well spend your time with them wisely and build up your relationship with them because when something goes wrong, they are going to be the first ones there…

Have a great week guys and I really hope you take what I say into consideration




  1. petrel41 Said:

    Congratulations, Ash!

    I have nominated your blog for the Awesome Blog Content Award.

    More about this nomination is at


    • poetsandall Said:

      Thank you so much. That means a lot to me xxx

      • petrel41 Said:

        Well deserved 🙂 All the best for you and your blog!

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