Life is like an equation

Hey guys

I have not written in awhile because truth is I was not sure what to write or how to explain things in words. My thought and feelings seemed to have imploded instead of exploded so it was hard for me to get my thoughts out but no worries I am back and ready to give you all some insight into life itself…

I am a very big nerd at the moment. I am studying all these medical terms and maths and just nerdy stuff which is cool I won’t lie. So lets all take a trip back into maths class: When we are given an equation, what happens to the one side, has to happen to the other side. Remember those? Everything on either side of the equal side has to balance out in order for the equation to be correct and make sense. Well ladies and gentleman, welcome to your life.

When someone dies, someone else is born. When you lose blood, your body makes more. When winter comes and kills all the trees and plants, Autumn comes to restore all the colour back into our lives and make things grow again. When we break up with someone, we gain someone else and someone better. ‘Every action has a reaction’ that is what we are taught our whole life! Don’t do this, you will get that. If you hit someone, you will get hit back. Typical balancing act and that is how the world goes round.

We make sacrifices every day for the people we love. Give up something so that they can have what they need or want. Act of selflessness or just trying to rebalance things and keep them balanced?

My equation has not been balanced at the moment. I keep missing the key factor or the answer for x. The equal sign is like a magical river that reminds us that things need to equal on both ends for life to work. Now having said that, what are our life factors? Simple: FAMILY, LOVE, WORK. If one of your factors are upset or not correct, the entire equation will not equal up. You are a different person at work than what you are at home. Don’t start getting those mixed up because your family and friends are your employees and you don’t ‘own’ them.

Balancing is not an easy thing to do at all and sometimes you just feel like you can’t. Sometimes work needs to come first and sometimes family needs to come first. I now understand when I need to put things first. It is not selflessness, it is rebalancing and keeping things balanced. If the scale tipples, you will lose something. Know what you are willing to lose and what you need to keep. End of the day, money can’t buy you happiness but will keep you afloat. Just try find the balance.



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