Thoughts of the week

Hey guys

So I am sure you have all worked out that I am Jewish and proud of it. Well, we are in our Passover time and during these next 5 days, we have to eat Matzah. I have been doing this for 4 days already and I am sick of it. BUT Pesach does come with it perks, family time.

For 2 days, we sit at a table and do the Sedar( a meal with prayers and a story about how we were brought out of Egypt) we sit and dink wine and just get time out from our every day lives and get time to focus on the important things. I have always been close to my family members on my dad’s side but this year just felt different. For the first time, I had a proper conversation with my one cousin who is now 13 years old. It was really nice to just sit with her and talk about music and how her school is going. Was new for me because I am not normally that close to her but I think this Sedar has brought us a lot closer.

Today I broke up from college for 2 weeks. I got to dress up as a hippie and it was a lot of fun. Everyone looked so happy and proud to be who and what they were. It is amazing how comfortable people feel in someone else’s shoes. Dressing up means that you get to hide behind another persona. In the morning, they would realize that a part of the person they hid behind was actually them. If they able to stand up and be confident as someone else, surely they can do it as themselves? Not the case, people fell more safer behind a mask. Guess they feel that if they going to do something wrong, rather do it as someone else.

Just a thought

Have an awesome Easter weekend everyone! May you all be blessed with lots of love and family time



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