Life after decisions

Hey guys

Today I am writing on the idea of making decisions and not regretting them after you choose it.

For half of my life I have wanted to be in the industry that I am currently in. 10 years ago I had this amazing idea to get qualified and then go and work on the ships for a year or two, come back and then open up my own spa. Great idea right? The plot behind it was to have the ability to run away from my family. At that stage I did not like being around my family at all and any chance I could get, I would go out without the. Now this ‘dream’ could come true in about 6 months. I will be qualified and I will have the opportunity to go on the ships BUT I don’t want that anymore. I don’t want to run nor jog out of here. I want to stay and be here for my family. You night all think I am stupid but sometimes there are certain people in life that you just cannot leave behind and come back to. Distance ruins a lot of relationships and I am not prepared to lose a specific person over a job nor do I want to miss out on my siblings growing up.

I made the decision not to go about a year ago and I cannot be more happier with a decision than what I am with this one. Life after a decision should not end with regret because you chose that specific outcome for a reason at that time. Now you cannot argue with yourself 10 years down the line as to why you didn’t choose the other option. Truth is, in that moment, you chose the right decision for you in the end. Sometimes giving up on a ‘dream’ is a lot more beneficial than giving up on family.

I did not close the door on something without a window being opened. Now I just have different decisions to make that will allow me to stay close by to my family and allow my relationships to grow and blossom into something worth staying for.

Look at the bigger picture guys. Life after a decision is not to be regretted! You chose that path for a reason so don’t doubt yourself in 5 years time. You got there for a reason and you chose it to benefit you more when you needed it.

Keep smiling




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