Dear Ryan

Hey Ry

I know I have not written to you in a very long time. Truth is life right now is a bit of a rush and I just don’t feel like anything is slowing down anytime soon.

My businesses are slowly but surely growing and with hard work and dedication, I will get to where I want to go. Remember when we used to sit on the bench at school and talk about our futures and what we wanted to do and stuff… guess that is not going to happen. You were supposed to be here with me. You were supposed to do all this stuff with me and decide where to go from college. But I guess you are with me in spirit.

I went to school yesterday with Natalia. Was the first time I have seen your tree this year. It has grown so much! the leaves are bright green and the tree is tall. Made me smile to see it so big it is and made me stop and breathe and think… We were never the type of people who had patience for fake people and falseness so why the hell do I have those people in my life right now? I have been so closed minded to what has been going on around me. I have forgotten to look and stop to smell the roses. Sam has his learners! my little brother is driving and Natalia, OMG Ry you would be so proud of her. I know I am. She is driving well and she is doing what she loves. She talks with such passion and dedication. I am one proud sister. And then of course Shish: She is dancing like a demand! Like doing all these contests and stuff. She is going far. She is probably going to Germany to dance. How awesome is that! I have not taken the time to grasp all these things because I just don’t want either of them to grow up I guess but they are and they loving the journey. They not so brave every now and again but I guess that is what I am here for.

Friends, wow umm I am not sure what to say about them. Most of them are beyond fake and self-centred. I just cannot believe that it has taken me this long to realise that they are not there for me like I am or was for them but you know what, I have got the most amazing support system you can imagine and I would not want anything different. I don’t need those other people in my life. I just have the right amount of people who love and care for me as much as I do them.

That is about it for now Ry. I love you and I miss you a lot. Hope you are drinking enough for me.



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