By:Ashlee Zlotnick

As the sun shone over the building, the hall got very cold. A gush of wind came and over took our souls as the wooden doors opened. Colder than ice the noisy metal carried the wooden box to another hall. Slowly everyone followed…

Dead silence but a thousand thoughts filled the room. Then the sound of the shirts tearing overwhelmed the silence. They began to move again. Slowly everyone followed…

The sun blinded our tears as people were called up to accompany the box to the final destination. Sun shining, gorgeous blue sky but the trees were dead and the walk was very long and torturous. Everywhere you look there stones and symbols of love and devotion. Devastation yet so peaceful. Finally we arrived at the site and the family followed the box until it reached the whole. Slowly everyone followed…

Outcries of sadness and shock echoed in this open plan place as prayers were said to send the loved one on and then it hit. The hollowing sound that makes your stomach drop and is the slap in the face by reality that it is time to say goodbye. The sand hits the coffin… 1…2…3…Next and slowly everyone followed…


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