Time for a new hill

Hey guys

Yes I know, long time I am sorry. I have just started a new business so my time is not very well spent posting. Catch up time don’t you all think?

2 years ago I embarked on a journey into my adult future. Strange thought right? To think that I finally get to be qualified in my dream job at the end of the year is just mind blowing and I cannot grasp this concept for some reason. I am so used to studying, assignments, lectures and so on and to think that this is all coming to an end very soon is very scary to me. Having said that, I needed to take this journey and lose a few bags along the way…

I am not one to let go. I am the one person who will forever help someone I love or used to love. No more! Let me explain: You know when you walk into a house with dirty shoes and you wipe your shoes on that mat. Now to you that mat means nothing but to the owner of the house, you have saved them a lot of trouble and cleaning. People use other people as doormats. A mere symbol of cleansing and time saving. How is that fair? If I clean your shoes, you should clean mine. That is how it should be however that is how it is NOT. No matter where you are in life, school, college, work, homeless whatever the case is, you will always find people who use and abuse you and I am not being a doormat for people anymore. I think it is time to stand up and walk away from certain people who just do not see what I can do for them.

I love helping people. No matter how, I will always find a way to help but I don’t need to help people who don’t help me. Life is hard as it is, why should we carry extra baggage that is of no use to us?

On a lighter note: We get those few people in life who make life worth living. You know who I am talking about. The ones who will come to you at 9 in the morning to make you laugh or the people who are there when you are sick. The ones who are just there because they love your company… Do not lose faith in humanity because there are those few gems in the world that make the sun shine and the birds sing. A sister, brother, friend, lover, spouse, your children!

Time to concentrate on the good people in our lives and not jump for the ones who won’t jump for us. Time to focus on a new hill. It is a new adventure with a lot of opportunities and obstacles but you need to think… Do you want to carry the bags on your own or drop a few and have people help you through the journey?


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