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Now what

Have you guys ever been hit with a rock so big that you have no idea how you feel? You know that feeling when you run into the garage door, fall on the floor and you start to laugh before you cry because your body is just so numb? Or how about when you are just so angry you don’t care? Welcome to my world…

I have been faced with one of my biggest relationship challenges I think I have ever been faced. There are just so many people to consider that I have got no idea how to move forward from here. And my best part, when I think I am ready to move on… The rock comes back to hit me with even more force.

My puzzle that used to be my life, a perfect picture with a few spaces between them has now turned into a mess on the floor and I want to just walk away. But I can’t… why… because I am not the only one to consider. There are other people being effected by this rock. People who used to love this rock but right now, all I see is the mold.

I guess once you hurt me to a point, I break. I am strong but right now I am far from it. I am injured and torn and just in pieces and I am not sure what my glue is… For those of you know read my work often will know about my broken plate idea. (Go look in my theories section for the broken plate) So I do not think that right now there is a way to fix my plate right now and this is scaring me a lot.

So now what…


Falling wall

By: Ashlee Zlotnick

As your word slowly pierce my chest
I try my best to breathe.
Take me over, be my guest.
I dare you to try but don’t grieve.

You don’t understand the strength needed
to please someone who can’t be pleased.
To feel your mission’s not completed
To feel like you not better than a disease.

I guess even the strongest wall
will eventually give in.
Everything will surely fall
and the best wall standing will win

Safe to say my wall has collapsed.
I’m taking in all the dust.
I’m so tired of all your attacks
but that’s what happens when you lose all trust.

Count to 10

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

You have pulled on my tail far too long.

It is now time for me to bite back.

My blood is boiled beyond boiling point,

and is time for it to erupt out my body.


I have been nothing but nice to you,

even though I did not want to.

I learnt to be civil towards my enemy

and yet she can’t do the same.


How can I deal with you everyday?

How do I keep my cool?

Our mutual friend is the reason I have not exploded

but I am not sure how long it will last.


I see how our feud hurts our friends

and then come to realise:

that if I stop and count to 10,

it will place a smile on their faces whilst I hurt inside.


I would rather hurt than see you hurt.

I would rather cry than dry your eyes.

You means too much to me my friend

for me to let my problems hurt you.