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Good evening all you gorgeous people…

My post tonight is very basic and simple.Learn to love the simple things in life.

A friend and I were talking and she is so negative at the moment its raining on my positive parade and I do not like that. We need to remember that life happens! We get knocked down and we get picked up and once again we get knocked down. Guys, that is life. It is how the story goes BUT we need to start looking at things differently.

Rain comes as a shower or a storm. We don’t get to choose how it comes but we choose how we look at it. Either the storm has flooded us and we stuck inside. No way out because everything out there is flooded… or we look at it in a way that is positive. Rain waters our grass to make it greener in the long run.

They say shit hits the fan… You can take it as a bad thing and everything get messed or you look at it as redecorating. A change of scenery and colour…

Moral of my post is simple… Always look on the bright side of life. Don’t look at the bad as bad but as a lesson to help you grow and blossom into something more beautiful… A caterpillar gets crammed into a little nest or pod. Think its comfortable in there? I think its like being suffocated but it is worth it because it gets transformed into a gorgeous creature… a butterfly…

Fly with grace



Obituary: self-respect

Self-respect was a concept that most girls had in the old days but as society grew, the death of self-respect happened.

Women were held back in life when it came to their position in life. They were glorified maids and had to stay home and look after their children but they always had self-respect. They dressed elegant yet gorgeous. They looked after their image and always looked presentable.

Then plastic surgery came along and we all thought self-respect would grow and allow people to love what they look like but that did not happen. Once the one thing was fixed, a new problem on their face arose until they have had so much surgery, they look as plastic as a Barbie doll.

Self-respect went down and dresses and skirts went up! Now days girls wear their dress so short that when they bend down, you can see that they are not wearing any underwear. Come on girls!!! You are ALL gorgeous and you do not need to sell your body to get a guy because at the end of the day, everyone want to be with someone who respects themselves.

Crop tops, fish net stockings, really really short shorts… you look like a prostitute. You could audition for PrettyWoman.

Let us from now on allow self-respect to live on inside us all. There is a big difference between looking sexy and looking slutty. Let’s make the world a gorgeous place where people’s beauty shines inside and out.

Hey strangers

Hey guys:) It has been a very long time since I last posted. They place where I am now, allows me to post whilst I am in holiday. Great for you guys:P.

I have been very busy writing and thinking about life. Nothing better than a 6 hour drive to help you think. I must say, waking up at 4 in the morning allows you to see our countries true beauty(South Africa) Our greenery, animals and people really are amazing and magical. I am so glad I live here and I love it with all my heart!!!!

Hope you all have been enjoying your holiday.




Such Beauty

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

Isn’t nature just mysterious?
To think that everything has a purpose.
Nothing was created to look good only
but also complete its job.

We as humans take things for granted.
We do not always see the beauty in flowers
and how many methods and processes it had to go through
to become that gorgeous flower you throw on your wedding day.

We get irritated with the noise of nature.
Getting woken up by birds singing
and the feares sounds of an African storm.
Without these things, life would be silent.

We take for granted our privileges.
The fact that we have an education and
a small thing like a roof over our heads.
Without this we would be homeless and uneducated.

The ability to see and hear
we feel we have the right to such powerful advantages.
some people have never had the ability to complain about such beauty
however, we are so lucky to be able to see and hear.

Don’t take life for granted
and don’t be so quick to complain.
Think about what it must be like
if one day these things were taken away…