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Good evening all you gorgeous people…

My post tonight is very basic and simple.Learn to love the simple things in life.

A friend and I were talking and she is so negative at the moment its raining on my positive parade and I do not like that. We need to remember that life happens! We get knocked down and we get picked up and once again we get knocked down. Guys, that is life. It is how the story goes BUT we need to start looking at things differently.

Rain comes as a shower or a storm. We don’t get to choose how it comes but we choose how we look at it. Either the storm has flooded us and we stuck inside. No way out because everything out there is flooded… or we look at it in a way that is positive. Rain waters our grass to make it greener in the long run.

They say shit hits the fan… You can take it as a bad thing and everything get messed or you look at it as redecorating. A change of scenery and colour…

Moral of my post is simple… Always look on the bright side of life. Don’t look at the bad as bad but as a lesson to help you grow and blossom into something more beautiful… A caterpillar gets crammed into a little nest or pod. Think its comfortable in there? I think its like being suffocated but it is worth it because it gets transformed into a gorgeous creature… a butterfly…

Fly with grace