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I really am ok

Hey guys

Sorry I haven’t posted in a long time. I have been having issues with my internet but I have made a plan and I am back:D

So my life at the moment really is not that bad. In fact, it is pretty amazing. I am now a professional Photographer which is something I have wanted for a long time. I did my first wedding shoot a week ago and it felt so good to be part of the beginning of the rest of their lives and because of me, they are able to remember ever last detail(even the ones where they are drunk)

I am no longer single. This guy is my life really is amazing. He makes me feel special and when I am with him, all I do is smile and laugh and of course blush. It is my new thing apparently. It really amazed me when he asked me to be his girlfriend because I knew we were going in this direction and I am glad we have now labeled us but I thought I would have thought about my ex. Let me explain. When my ex and I broke up, we ended on very bad terms. So bad that I did not speak to him for months. During those months I thought of what was going to happen when I got involved with another guy. How would I feel being with someone else, would I know when it was too soon etc… When this guy asked me, I did not even think about the ex or anything like that. All my fears about moving on were gone and I am happy. I really am ok and I am moving on with my life and I am not upset that my ex who used to be my best friend is not in my life at the moment.

Sounds horrible I know but when I think of what he did to me, I know that right now, my life is better without him. My boyfriend makes me happy and that is the most important thing in life. So for now, I am happy and I have butterflies which are normally a good thing… I hope

Anyway, that is my love life and I cannot wait to see where this road leads to.


2 years already

Hey guys

This post is very hard for me to write. Today 2 years ago, my friend Ryan got killed. 2 drivers were dicing and went through a robot and Ryan went flying in the air and landed on the ground and CPR was done about three times on him before his heart gave in and he died.

They say that time heals all wounds. Well that is total rubbish! I can still feel my body going weak when I got the phone call to say he had died. I remember my face going hot, my muscles giving in and my lips going cold. I remember putting my best friend’s jersey on and that was it, I had gone numb. I was the last friend that Ryan ever saw and that is a true honor. Ryan was the type of person who made people smile regardless of what was going on in their life at that time. I still live out the promise I made him on New Years. He told me I am not allowed to hate anyone because they made me who I am today. So no matter how much a person hurts me, I do not hate them because they taught me some lesson.

Time does not take the pain away. There are still days where I want to call him and tell him what happened to me that day or ask him for help. Ryan was my advice giver, my first high school boyfriend, my best friend and my rock. Because of this, I did Matric for him and me. He did not get the chance to finish school so I did it for us both and I will live my life with him in mind so that he gets to do it as well.

I take one day at a time. Some days are good and others I wish I could just stare into his big blue eyes whilst he tell me everything is going to be ok and I must just hang in there. My thoughts are with his parents and sister today. Love you guys

Love you lots Ryan and miss you tons bro. RIP


True Boo

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

A few days ago, I was single and sad

The only guys in my life was my bro and dad

Who would have thought today I would be late,

For you, and our little supper date.

When I think of you, I can’t help but smile

I haven’t felt like this in a long while.

You treat me so well, it is true.

I cant believe there is a me and you.

You give me hope

I don’t sit around and mope

You give me someone to think of at night

Am I falling for you, I might

When I am in your arms

I feel as if I’m on a farm.

So much peace and fun

I love it when you call me hun

So I am not single anymore

And I don’t mind my flaw.

I am so glad to be with you,

You are my one true boo!