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Some things you just cannot fix

Hey guys

A few years ago I wrote a thesis about family and I said that it was like a broken plate and that if you want to, you can glue it back together. Won’t be the same but it will still be together… Well guess what, I lied…

Some plates cannot be fixed. Some are just so far gone that no amount of glue can hold it together. Some family fights are just so big that you just cannot fix it and see eye to eye and often the problem is not the siblings but the spouses that come with it.

I am heart broken and I cannot bare the thought of having a wedding without my family there but I guess sometimes, you just need to accept your losses and move on. Rough I know But these are words of a person who just cannot try anymore. 12 years ago, I was in a car accident and I was in hospital for a bit. I was 8 years old and some of my uncles did not come and see me. I thought it was my fault and ever since then, my family has not been the same. Turns out it was not my fault at all but at the time, that is what I felt.

I have done everything I can to try glue this plate together but I am not winning and I am HURTING BADLY because of it. So that is me… I am putting the brush down and letting it be. I cannot fight anymore because I am tired and hurt. I thought it would be ok but maybe not. I don’t wish them harm. I love them all even though I don’t know them

Do yourself a favour… If your plate is broken, understand that it can only be fixed if the pieces want to work with the glue and think about your actions before you exclude people from a big family event