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Adam Lambert Live in South Africa!!!

Adam Lambert

By Ashlee Zlotnick

On a serious note I am not sure how anyone can begin to sum up the event of the year! Adam Lambert live in Johburg at the Coca-Cola dome was one concert everyone will be talking about for a very long time.

Walking in to the Dome all you could hear was thousands of screaming fans with their Adam shirts on, black nail polish and their party shoes on. Latoya Delazy was his opening act. My G-D she has so much energy and she really brought the stage to life. Everyone was jamming and singing along to all her songs whilst we all eagerly awaited Adam. She really made us all proud!

Then the lights dimmed and all you could hear was screaming fans for Adam. The band came on and then BOOM! The singing G-D himself came on stage and it was as if your heart stopped and the music entered your soul! Adam made 4 outfit changes and each outfit was more glamours than the pervious one.  He sang songs such as Trespassing, Fever,Underneath,Cuckoo and more. As a dancer I feel the need to take my hat off to Adam’s dancers. My G-D they were unbelievable and one of them were in high heels! I know how hard it is to dance in heels but this guy made it look like a breeze. Their names are Terrance and Johnny.
His band
Brian London, his musical director who plays on keyboard, Tommy(lead guitar), Ashley on bass and Rick on drums.

His back up singers were amazing and had angelic voices that were breath-taking. Their names are Traci and Reyna. One of the best things of the night was when Adam laughed. His laugh is so contagious and turned everyone in that room into screaming little girls. The atmosphere was astonishing, the sound was great and Adam made everyone believe that anything is possible if you just believe. He went from boy born in Indianapolis but raised in San Diego to a total singing sensation.

He has by far the best stage presence I have ever seen and I have seen a lot of people performing! The night ended and no-one wanted to go home. We gathered in the pouring rain and started to sing his songs and dance in the rain. A night I will never forget!

I have tried to give you all the details I could but guys to be honest, Adam is the type of performer that gives you a show you will never forget and never be able to describe fully how amazing his shows are. So next time he is in your town, I strongly suggest you go out and see him perform!

My Matric Dance

Good evening viewers

So I think it is time I tell you all about my matric dance and how amazing it was and you can share your stories with me as well… Let the stories begin

Firstly I had the most amazing date! He is my dance partner and I am so glad I went with him to my dance because I was able to dance properly with him which has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl in grade 8. So a dream came true that night.

I was privileged to wear a 46664 dress to my dance. I absolutely love my dress and when I see it I fell in love automatically. My after party dress was glittery and fun.

The night was perfect. I felt like I was a celeb with all the photos taken and poses and so on. It was my one night to shine and I made sure I did. My make-up was amazing and there was more glitter on my nails than there was nail polish. Everything that night was perfect.

It was the last time I would ever be able to party with my whole grade as a grade. This thought is very sad and when it was said out loud in speeches, we all teared up. I looked around the room and realised that I had grown up with these people and to not see them every single day is a depressing thought. I have to say that even though I am so sad that I will not see my friends every day, I am excited to move on with my life and start my new chapter.

Over all, it was a night I will never forget. I got to know the teachers on a personal level as well as see who their spouses are. We danced, bonded, spoke and laughed for a whole night and then moved on to the club where we met up with other people from our school and partied with them as well.

That night made me realise that not only was my school career coming to an end but that we are able to still have a bond with people outside of school as well. Everyone loves a good party and we made memories that night that will keep me and my grade bonded for life.




My cocktail phase

Good evening all my gorgeous viewers

Hope you are all well this fine evening. I am going through a very weird phase at the moment. To be honest, I feel like I am a cocktail. Lots of drinks mixed together but taste good:P Only joking to an extent…

Firstly it feels very weird not going to class. I cannot believe I am finished actual school. It is a very scary yet amazing feeling. I feel all grown up and old now and I cannot wait to begin my life outside of my school walls but at the same time I am going to miss a lot of people however I am not going to miss the school system.

Dancing has become a bit of a pain but I have put up with all the drama and on Sunday it is finally going to pay off. My show case is going to happen and I am beyond excited to get up on that stage and dance and show the world all my passion and fire that burns inside of me when it comes to performing and dancing.

Social life does not really exist at the moment as Matric has taken us all hostage for the next few months but it is ok. To be honest I am not really phased about it because I know all the hard work will pay off or so I hope.

As you can see I have a whole lot of emotions running through my veins and I am not sure what to do with them. When they want to come out they just come out and I do not plan on stopping them as my emotions remind me why I started my blog and it also reminds me that I am human and cannot do everything without caring and breaking. Time to take a step back from a few things and time to do things for myself and not worry about stepping on other people’s toes.

As for you guys, I am sorry I have been neglecting you but there is not much free time I have to write on my blog. When I get the chance I promise I will write and keep you all updated with what is hot and happening in my life.

So for now I bid thy a good night.



My dance mentor

By: Ashlee Zlotnick
Every step, movement and gesture is perfect.
Watching him dance is breath-taking.
It’s like opening a book and watching it unfold
into a life worth waking.

He makes dance magical.
Turns it into a fairytale!
It’s as if you watching the sunset
as you about to set sail!

Imagine a perfect life…
No downs just sky highs.
Dancing with him makes this possible.
The fairytale never dies!

He is more than my teacher.
He teaches me more than dance.
He is my inspiration!
He is my own personal Lance

Exams are over

I woke up this morning and had the best feeling ever!!!! I woke up knowing that I have no school and no exams left for the rest of the year except for my dance exam which is something I am looking forward to. It is time to start training hard for next week Friday. I am determined to get Honors for Ballroom and Latin.

Hope thumbs for me please guys




By:Ashlee Zlotnick

I stood by the door.
My heart was racing.
2 minutes till I was on.
Time to rock the dance floor.

I took a deep breath in and out.
I thought of you and smiled.
I know you would be proud,
so I got rid of my doubt.

I saw my big sisters in the crowd,
my friends and family too.
Having everyone there meant a lot.
They all cheered for me so loud.

The music started to play.
My partner and I took hold.
That night we shone like champions.
Everything is starting to go my way 😀

Night of 100 stars

Last night I put on  a dance show with my fellow dance members. We had 3 teachers and 7 dancers excluding us 3. I am so proud of everyone who danced last night because they showed people how much fun it is to be a Ballroom and Latin American dancer and that age does not matter. Most of us were teenagers and we showed people that we can shake it whilst doing dances people feel are for old people only.

This event brought us closer and thus creating a dance family and this would not have been possible without our dance teacher Louis Fourie. He is honestly one of the most amazing people you could ever meet. I am so proud to be part of the Dancentre family and everyone who is part of his studio would agree with me.

Honestly I never thought that we would be able to pull last night off as well as we did. Some of our dancers had never danced in front of people before and they brought tears to my eyes because they did so well. I am very proud and honored to say that I taught them what they learnt along side Natasha and Jade.

The proceeds are going to the CHOC Cows as well as to educate a underpriveldged school’s teacher. I taught 3 cows a Cow dance. This was a mix between a dance called the elephant walk and the diski dance. They looked astonishing shaking their udders out there. I am proud of them as well but not only because they danced but because they help children with cancer and that takes a lot of guts and a big heart. So thank you.

Overall I am smiling every time I think of this event because everyone danced well and we showed the audience what we can do and how amazing it is to be part of our studio. If you would like details on our studio and how to become part of our family email me and I will give you all the details you need:


I Am Dancing for You

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

This time next week I am dancing in my event.
I am so excited to be dancing in front of people again.
My body is yearning for that adrenalin rush as the light
hits my face.
My heart starts pounding as I finish a dance and wait for the applause.
I have been looking forward to this for 8 months now however
I am sad…

You were meant to start to dance this year with me.
You were meant to be in my show.
You were meant to feel the adrenalin rush for the first time
And hear the audience applause for us both,
But you are no longer with us today.

As much as I try, I can’t hold back my tears.
As much as I try to forget that day,
I simply cannot forget it or you for that matter.
Honestly I am not upset or ashamed of keeping you in my
Because I know that you would want me to keep you there.

So next week I will place the bottle cap I kept in my
That was the last drink you and I ever shared together.
I am going to go onto that dance floor with a smile on my
And with you in my heart and I know you are going to be with
Next week Saturday night, I am dancing for you Ryan!

Contemporary Dance

By:Ashlee Zlotnick


 Contemporary is a style of dance which came around in the 20th century. It was an outgrowth of the modern dance form as well as other dance techniques. It is difficult to define this unique dance form as it is a very fluid and nebulous style of dance. Contemporary is not associated with a specific dance technique such as ballroom or ballet. It takes on not a technique but a dance philosophy. With contemporary people try to explore the natural energy and emotions one may have which causes they to produce dances which is often very personal and emotional. Some of these amazing choreographers include: Martha Graham, Christopher Bruce, Merce Cunningham, Isadora Duncan, Trisha Brown and many more. New contemporary stars are always rising in this field if dance. Contemporary dancers can come from any training background. This can range from classical ballet to breakdancing. One will integrate bodywork techniques such as yoga and pilates into their dance as well as systems like the Alexander Method. The main thing that makes contemporary different from all other dance forms is the fact that these dances place huge emphasis on the connection between the mind and body and worry less about the technique. They are encouraged to explore their emotions through dance which pushes the traditional boundaries. This style of dance often involves playing with their balance, floorwork, fall and recovery and improvisation. When one is learning contemporary, you will learn how to use your body in various ways, how to focus on your breathing, posture and emotional state to establish a mind-body connection. Mostly they would be taught a choreographed piece of work but sometimes they are encouraged to improvise their own dance piece. A typical contemporary dance composition may take the form of: a personal situation, an allegory, and a commentary on society or an integration of cultures. It will feature a wide variety of techniques which once again proves that contemporary is versatile. Contemporary is a form of dance that is offered all around the world. You do not have to go to a dance school or studio to learn contemporary, it is occasionally offered in health clubs, through colleges and universities.

 Contemporary history: Contemporary has been around since the 1900’s. Both ballet and modern dance are “ancestors” of contemporary dance. Ballet creates the general concert dance frame work and technical knowledge where as modern is its anti-reference. According to my sources they are not sure who started this dance form and how it came about but one day a dancer, around the 1950’s, decided to mix the techniques of ballet and modern together and form what is known today as contemporary dance.

Ever Lasting Tide

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

The music starts to play.

My body begins to sway.

I place my hand in yours

and bang goes all my flaws.


Your arm goes around my back.

A nervous feeling I lack.

You come into my personal world

and I go into yours perfectly, like an oyster and a pearl.


Your body moves mine,

around the room just fine.

In the corner I strike a pose.

A spectator over there better not dose.


We are in the spot light

as our dance begins to take flight.

I feel as if the world has come to a halt.

Nothing can stop us, not even a lighting bolt.


There is nothing better than this feeling.

It is something everyone can believe in.

It’s called confidence, joy and pride.

Your emotions when dancing, can create an every lasting tide.

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