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Life’s a milkshake

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By: Ashlee Zlotnick

So bad yet so good.
Can always switch up your mood.
Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla or lime…
Life can be boring or full of slime.

Lumps and bumps or smooth sailing.
The sky can be blue then suddenly hailing.
Can be full of love and make you cry
or doubt your decisions and wonder why.

Full of taste, yum, colour and divine.
You will smile when you see the sign.
Low fat, full cream or double thick,
life is full of choices, experiment, take a lick.

This is a weird metaphor you may say
but lets be honest, it made your day.
Go on, enjoy your full cream milkshake…
Soon it will be finished…another? you can’t make.


Staying or leavingĀ 

good evening all you gorgeous people out there

To stay or go? That’s the question you will ask yourself at least once in your life… Do I stay and be unhappy and leave and be happy but I might be alone for awhile…

Hard question to ask yourself but it is a question that needs to be taken seriously. 

This does not only work for marriage and romantic relationships. This question can be asked for friends, work, even long distance relatives… Do you stay and not be alone? Do you stay because you feel obligated and you just comfortable and used to having that person there…. Or do you do the brave thing and do something for you. Do something that will make you happy in the long run…

It’s a hard question and my answer is simple: as hard as leaving may be, staying for the wrong reasons is even worse…

Think about it