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2017- It’s going to be a good one

Hello all my gorgeous viewers

What a way to start the year! It has been raining in my hometown for a week already. I would like to think of it as a sign that it is time to allow things to grow and become green again.

Last year was not fun for many people.  A lot seemed to have happened in the last few months and everyone ended the year off with a cross face or feeling down. It is time to all stand up and watch the world grow green grass and flowers. It is time for us all to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and start to make something of our lives.

I was cleaning out my room today and decided that I was going to throw all the negative thoughts and feelings out the window and embrace the good and warmth of positivity.

It is time to grow and better ourselves. This is going to be a year where we are all going to accomplish our dreams and make a name for ourselves.

Happy new year!





Change and relationships

Hygiene and proper food storage goes hand in hand when it comes to food. Think about it: if you store meat in the cupboard but wash your knives in antiseptic every day, what is the point of washing those knives in the first place? Your meat now has germs on it that can ultimately kill you…not true? Life is the exact same as food storage and hygiene. Change and relationships go together. If you don’t have the one, well the other one is pointless. Check it

Within life you go through changes. Some changes you are not going to like or accept but those changes are ‘the rules’ it is what is meant to happen. The rule with meat is: IT GOES IN A FRIDGE OR FREEZER! A rule with change is: without certain changes you won’t grow. A mental change; such as going from a mind of a 3 year old to one of a teenager. That will happen no matter what just like the germs exist whether you like it or not BUT not all germs are bad…just like change.

Because of change, you get relationships. With every personality change you make, you will be involved with me and different people and start new relationships. If it wasn’t for that one change you made 5 years ago, would you have met that special person? If you didn’t lose those friends, you would not have grown up and become friends with that other group who are in your life now. A change comes from within and some we can’t control but the ones we can, are your hearts way of telling you it is time to find new relationships and that in the end it will all work out.  Cleaning your knife and storing your meat in the freezer is your way to prevent unnecessary germs and micro-organisms from growing. In the end you as the consumer benefit from it…

By you growing up and changing, you will benefit from it as well. Sure a change is hard and can be painful at times, but in the end, you will meet people who are more like you and appreciate you for who you are. A change will result in relationships for life just like hygiene and proper food storage result in life.