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good evening everyone. Long time I know…

Great thoughts always branch off from someone once told me… So I think it’s time I share a thought that someone once told me

The greatest fear you will ever have is feeling completely safe with someone… Now how is that your greatest fear? Feeling safe with someone should not be a fear but should be something we cherish and is greatful for… Or am I wrong?

Turns out I am wrong. My biggest fear is being so happy and comfortable with someone else. What happens if that person leaves? Realizes you not all that and one day just goes and never comes back? This person doesn’t have to be a boyfriend or girlfriend. Can be a sister, brother, best friend…

We cannot let our fear of losing someone get the best of us because if we do then we will be stuck living our nightmare… A life without our rock or safety net.

Don’t let your fear of Being happy and safe ruin your happiness. Enjoy and cherish what you have because  you will regret it if you let go


The shadows

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

Silent as the night.
Every noise makes you jump.
The shadows play games with you
as if to say,”we own the night.”

Wind blows through the trees,
making them tap on the window…
You feel the need to run away
BUT it is too late…

Your curtain moves up
the wind comes in.
Sounds of foot steps haunt you.
Then the shadow appears.

Looks like a human.
A hand crawling through the cracks.
your heart begins to pounce
as you know the end is near.

Suddenly he appears
threw the window he got in.
All that would come out your mouth is air
as it was only your cat playing with your fear.

My Fears

By: Ashlee Zlotnick

Everyone has a fear.
Mine keeps my heart near.
Sometimes it brings doom
because I have not let something wonderful bloom.

I have a fear to get hurt.
I’m scared to be treated like dirt.
My fear may overcome me
and stop me from loving thee.

But I have learnt to be ok
with opening up in a way.
No more fear in my heart
since you shot me with a dart.

Even though we are no more,
you helped open up a door.
Time to let go of our fears and move along…
We will soon sing a fearless song

Inner storm

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

First the white clouds come
then they turn to grey.
This only happens when
you short-circuit in a way.
The sky gets dark
and the darkness arrives.
Truth is I get scared.
Like someone is about to stab me with  knives.
First comes the lightning
and then the thunder.
But my fear I hide
deep down under.
The rain the comes
just like my tears.
No-one knows what they really are for
especially my peers.
A big boom to finish it off
and it shocks my heart.
The rainbow comes out,
showing G-D’S work of art…

My inner storm only happens
when you have short circuits
and when this happpens
I try my best to keep my wits.