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Life is like a kite

Life is funny when you think about it. Life is hard and unexpected. There is nothing more challenging than going through life trying not to fall down the giant mountain on the way up to the top.

Come to think about it, life is more like the journey a kite has to face every time it is up in the air. There is always someone trying to tug on the strings and guide the kite through the air. Left and right, up and down, the kite is forever majestically, out of control.

Sometimes it flies high and sometimes low. The scary part is when you flying high and all of a sudden you find a gap in the wind and boom, you travelling 100 miles, nose down to the ground but just as you about to hit the ground, a gust of wind takes you back up to flying high in the sunset…

Life is very much like a kite. We are forever trying to climb up higher and higher and every now and again we take a fall. There is always someone who is going to come and help you get back up to where you were as well as help you go even higher.

Always strive to reach for the stars! And remember, you cannot get there alone. There is always going to be people to help you get back on top.

Hope you all have an amazing holiday and stay safe.







By:Ashlee Zlotnick

Chilling by the sea,
sun on your face.
Life is fantastic.
I enjoy it with grace.

You can hear the sea sing
and the trees joining in the song.
A smile on upon your face
won’t take very long.

A drink in hand
and friends next to you.
Relaxing time…
what more can you do?

But that’s now over.
My holiday has been great.
Nothing is better than
quality time with your family and mate