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Words mean so much and yet so little

Hey guys.

Have you ever sat and listened to the words that people use during your conversations and wonder why they use those particular words to tell you how they feel?

I have been doing a lot of thinking recently and have come to the conclusion that when people speak out of anger or with passion, they tend to use the words from deep within their soul: ‘I just can’t find the time’, ‘You never there for me’, ‘Time does not wait for anyone.’ ‘If you want it enough, you will make the time’ and so on.

People seem to change their minds of the words they use when they don’t have the time to think their answer through. I like to think that the answers that come from deep within and the raw feelings mean more to the person than the answers that they have thought about.

They say that when you are intoxicated, you tend to say exactly how you feel in a situation about a person or your surrounding and I honestly believe that this is true. I also believe that when you speak out of passion or anger, you mean what you say using the words that you always wanted to use.

Words hurt people in more ways than you realise. As true as the words are, your choice of words is what can harm a person not always what you trying to say or the tone that you are using but the words you use to tell them.

Take a step back and look at the words you using to tell someone how you feel and why you feel it. Have a look at the word choice and realise why it is you said that particular word.

Words can mean so much when said from the heart and so little when said out of guilt.

Have a great day




Here comes the change

Good evening everyone

So far the past few days have been very intense for me. I got heart broken which was not fun at all! My matric results come out on Friday, I spent a lot of time with people I have not seen in a very long time and I have noticed a lot of change that is going on around me…

For example: My dad is planning! He never plans for anything. Normally we would wake up and he would say to us,’Right, what are we doing today?’ or,’let’s go for a drive and see where we land up.’ No not this time. He sat us down tonight and we planned our week. Was very strange.

My one little sister is going through the change. My gosh! She is like a ticking time bomb and at any given second, she could explode! My brother is all grown up and is working. He is learning the value of money and how hard it is to make money. My other little sister is giving me heart failure!!!! She is growing up and hello boys! I now understand why parents want to lock us up and throw away the key. Having said that, they are all growing up into amazing, loving, kind hearted people and I feel honored to be part of that.

As an older sister to them all I have to learn to sit back and watch. There are times where I have to watch them make their own decisions and mistakes and I have to pray that when they need help or advice, they will come to me.

Just like everyone else, I have also changed. My week away with friends has made me realise how much my family mean to me and who is going to be there when we all go our separate ways. I have come to understand my true wants and needs and I have two main goals I NEED to accomplish. First is following my dreams and doing what I love doing. I am talking about my course and dancing. And second is an apartment with my little sister. This is the one thing that has motivated this year. Ever since I thought of an apartment with her, I have made this idea my shining star in a pitch black sky.

Anyway, that is just some of the observations I have made the past few days…