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By: Ashlee Zlotnick

Soft but wrinkly,
warm but shaky.
Lack of strength
yet full of love.

You held my hand
as tight as you could.
You’ll never let go you said.
Never, even if you should.


Yet willing to explore.
Allowing me to venture.
Travel far or near
You’ll be there for me.

Sour Milk

By:Ashlee Zlotnick


When life has got you down,

and you not sure what to do.

A smile on your face won’t always fix

the frown from within your heart.


Sometimes you have to be serious

but when life isn’t looking, I laugh.

Laughter brightens up one day

and gets rid of that inner frown.


Sometimes you get sour milk,

and it is no use keeping it.

You have to throw it away

and go get a new one.


Life is the same:

Sometimes we are given bad situations.

The only thing you can do is laugh

and soon you will see that you got through it.

Always Care

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

I still care about you.

You don’t care about me,boo hoo.

The trouble is, I still cry,

over you and I don’t know why. 

Sure you were my best friend,

but the relationship, I couldn’t mend.

Guarentee you didn’t think about me.

Is there a furure? We will have to wait and see…. 

For now, it is time to let go.

Oh how I miss you so.

But I have to be brave and strong.

I am just going to smile and sing along. 

What I would like to say:

even though we have gone a different way,

if you ever need me, I’ll be there.

For you see, I will always care.


 By: Ashlee Zlotnick

Death is a hard concept to grasp

To think that a person is gone for life

You will never hear their voice again

Or listen to their old war stories

Your grandfather was a much-loved man

He was a man filled with integrity

He was a person you looked up to

And a person who you hold close to your heart

When a person dies, his physical being disappears

BUT their memory and character live on

When you need someone to talk to at night

Look into your heart, he is always there

Your heart may be sore and grieving

And time does not heal the pain completely

However the pain will ease a bit

And soon when you think of him you will smile 🙂