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2017- It’s going to be a good one

Hello all my gorgeous viewers

What a way to start the year! It has been raining in my hometown for a week already. I would like to think of it as a sign that it is time to allow things to grow and become green again.

Last year was not fun for many people.  A lot seemed to have happened in the last few months and everyone ended the year off with a cross face or feeling down. It is time to all stand up and watch the world grow green grass and flowers. It is time for us all to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and start to make something of our lives.

I was cleaning out my room today and decided that I was going to throw all the negative thoughts and feelings out the window and embrace the good and warmth of positivity.

It is time to grow and better ourselves. This is going to be a year where we are all going to accomplish our dreams and make a name for ourselves.

Happy new year!




Life is like a kite

Life is funny when you think about it. Life is hard and unexpected. There is nothing more challenging than going through life trying not to fall down the giant mountain on the way up to the top.

Come to think about it, life is more like the journey a kite has to face every time it is up in the air. There is always someone trying to tug on the strings and guide the kite through the air. Left and right, up and down, the kite is forever majestically, out of control.

Sometimes it flies high and sometimes low. The scary part is when you flying high and all of a sudden you find a gap in the wind and boom, you travelling 100 miles, nose down to the ground but just as you about to hit the ground, a gust of wind takes you back up to flying high in the sunset…

Life is very much like a kite. We are forever trying to climb up higher and higher and every now and again we take a fall. There is always someone who is going to come and help you get back up to where you were as well as help you go even higher.

Always strive to reach for the stars! And remember, you cannot get there alone. There is always going to be people to help you get back on top.

Hope you all have an amazing holiday and stay safe.





Life goes on

Hello all my gorgeous viewers out there!

Life has been very hectic to say the least. I have been out of college for 5 months now and I still have not completely found my feet yet…

Business is not bad at the moment. Had a few glitches here and there but I am slowly getting back onto my feet.

My new venture of the month is writing professionally. I now write for companies all over the world which has given me a lot of experience and opened up doors for me that I did not even know was there.  So from now on when I write on my blog, I might be writing things just to test the waters and try new writing styles so please feel free to email me and ask me to write posts about stuff that you would like to read about it.

Life is hard my friends. We get knocked down and shot out of cannons and walked over like we are a piece of litter on the floor but the trick to it all is: Get yourself up, dust  yourself off, start walking and count to 10. This will help you calm down, clear your thoughts and allow you to move on and find the green grass.

Much love,




A soul lost but not forgotten

It’s hard to talk about how you feel. It’s harder to accept how you feel. Worst of all, how do you figure out how you feel? You need to figure that out before you can accept and begin to deal with how you feel inorder for you to heal. 

2 weeks ago I got a phone call that made my blood turn cold and my skin turn white. It was so unexpected that I did not know how to react let alone cope. 24 year old. He was only 24 and lost the battle with addiction. How can something as small as a little pill be so powerful and life threatening? Small really is powerful. Molecules we can’t see with our naked eye, keeps us alive. So in essence, makes sense how something so small can dictate life…

What do you say to the family? I wish you long life, sorry for your loss, no regrets… How is that comforting? You walk behind this box that contains the family’s prize possession. Almost like the unique diamond that is owned by only one person or a painting without a duplicate. There is only one… Or so there was only one…

After the longest walk of their life, you arrive at a hole in the ground hoping that they don’t fall in or jump in after this precious box. THUMP THUMP THUMP. Your soul sinks into your shoes, tears roll down your face and your heart seems to break into thousands of pieces as you hear the father cry out in pain. Not a dry eye in site as family members confess their regrets out loud… I am sorry I failed you and was not able to help you in your time of need! 

Slowly but surely you walk away and as their cries get softer, your thoughts get louder. Only problem is you have no idea what your thoughts are. Are you happy that he is no longer suffering and having this constant battle in his life or are you sad and horrified by the whole event? How do you come back from this? How do you learn to cope? Are you so angry at the fact that he could be so selfish or was it an accident? These are all just questions… Questions you will never get the answers to. 

Time goes by so slowly and yet seems to fly. The pain takes long to go away however memories and voices seem to fade quickly. It all just does not make sense… How do you feel? How can you put into words your shock and disbelief? People come up and ask you so how you doing and and truth is you have got no idea! Because fact of the matter is you buried someone who meant something to you, and you do not believe that you should have done it in the first place! 

I am 21 years old. I have buried my best friend, and now a brother figure. That’s not right. And how does this all make me feel? When I figure it out I will let y all know. How to you cope and move on from it all? You don’t move on, you don’t forget, you learn to live with the pain and giant gap where he used to stand. 

He is a soul that has been lost but not forgotten. 

Please guys, addiction is a serious problem that can have and does have effects on everyone around you. Get help before it’s too late. It does not make you weak in anyway, makes you strong and brave. Admitting You have a problem and need help is the first step. There will always be people around to love and support you. 

Take what I am saying to heart,



By: Ashlee Zlotnick

Deep within our soul lies an
Evil monster brewing so cold.
Praying on the innocence of
Run away minds and thoughts. So
Excitingly scary… at the same time
Someone always seems to fall short.
Slowly slipping into another dimension.
Immersing into a pool of black,darkness.
Only seeing the now and not the full
Notion of the ride that’s called life.

Canceling those thoughts cane be hard.
And a challenge however, they can turn
Nice if you try your best.

Breaking the barrier is possible and stopping
Evil from all sides can most definitely happen.

Basically what I’m trying to say is:
Every bad has ten more good and
Anyone has the power with a support system…
The moral is: Depression Can Be Beat!

Everyone has a breaking point

Good evening all you gorgeous viewers…

Time to get serious: Life is hard at the best of times. Work and studying and just everything in general. Makes life a complete challenge… a challenge we all believe that we don’t need at times. Sometimes it would just be nice if everything went smoothly and without issues but then we get hit with yet another curve ball… pressure

Too little pressure, you not motivated enough, too much pressure you tend to find your breaking point very fast. I found mine not so long ago… I have been pushed to my limit and at times, it feels like I have been pushed off the edge. I need to get good marks, be a good sister, be a good girlfriend, be a good friend.. be a good thing and that and the list just does not end… And then another curve ball comes me way… Sit back and accept.

Now for those of you who know me and my writing will know that I am a very patient person when it comes to people. Well people I like. Lately I have had to accept a lot. I finish this year, my brother finishes this year, I have lost yet another group of friends, I probably won’t be friends with many people from college, I have to start thinking about an adult future… That is a lot to accept, And then I get asked to sit back and accept being left out. Now I am a very stubborn, hardheaded person. Once you put an idea in my head, it takes a lot to remove it. Once I fight with someone over something, I will very seldom go towards the thing that makes me fight. Just feels like a bad vibe with bad energies around it. Doesn’t that makes sense? You fight over it so surely there is something negative around it… I hope you did not think that was the last curve ball cause now you see, you have to juggle. I want tricks, and flips and you are not allowed to drop a ball… Bingo… Breaking point

Handling one at a time is very easy. I can do it in my sleep. Juggling I am also good at. My life is balanced. I find time for everyone. Its my super power. But you see, problem comes in when I’m juggling and it feels like one ball is too heavy and my arms get sore and I miss the catch. I do tend to break… Smash a mirror enough times and it will shatter. That’s what has happened to me. I have shattered. I am no longer juggling because I am tired. I am tired of just accepting, I am tired of pressure and I am tired. Everyone has a breaking point. Everyone can ask for something, even if it is selfish… The juggler gets a chance too.

But I am the juggler, the fixer, the doer. So I will pick up all my balls, take a deep breath and juggle yet again…

Till next time


Life is like a box of chocolates

Hi everyone… Did you ALL miss me? Don’t you worry cause I am back and I am ready to take over the world!

It has been a very long time I know and honestly I don’t have a very good excuse except for the fact that I have started my own business, I am getting my first diploma in 3 months, I am qualifying for an international diploma and I am trying to be a good sister and girlfriend all at the same time. Fun juggling act right!?

I don’t think I am doing too badly. I am getting my work done, I have got a steady flow of clients, I still have a boyfriend and my siblings have not killed me yet so all in all life is good. I am not going to mumble on about all the boring stuff and not have a metaphor or a meaning behind my madness, after all it is me we talking about so here we go…

Once upon a time, a not so very long time ago someone once told me that I need to reach for the stars and one day maybe, I will touch one and soon after that, I will become a star myself and inspire people to reach out and grab something that seems so far away… My Pa taught me that before he died. So here I am, nearly 15 years later and I have reached my first star… Now I am not the type of person who believes in luck but I do believe in fate as a guidance or torch to help guide you on the right path. My path is pretty simple: Create an atmosphere whereby people feel safe and at home with me in every aspect of their life… Airy fairy I know but it is true. I want my life to have meaning not just a bank card or cheque book. I want to touch lives and make people reach for the stars. I want to help people see their inner beauty and believe in themselves and at the same time, make people realise how strong they really are.

Forest Gump said:”Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know which one you gonna get.” How true is that? Life is unpredictable. We don’t know what we are going to have to deal with and let go of. Who we going to gain in our lives and so on… 2 years ago I left school with more friends than I can count on my hands and feet, now I have a hand full. People who I thought would stay didn’t and people who I didn’t think would be there, has turned into my boyfriend. Life works in very weird ways. Having said that the element of surprise is exciting. Opening up that chocolate, taking the first bite and only then understanding what you chose or got given.

So, with a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye, open up that chocolate with an open mind and heart because you never know what is going to be in the center.



Time to deal with my problem

Hey guys

This post includes a short story as well as an explanation… At the moment, I am dealing with someone in my life who is making my life hard and at time, I just cannot deal with it. I feel as if she is trying to run my life and be someone who she is not but having said that, I still love her with all of my heart and soul. I honestly just need to find the balance between all of this and learn to deal with it. I have always been told that you are not given anything you cannot handle,therefore, it is time for me to learn to handle this.

You are taught things in life like how to walk and talk, how to ride your bike and then the fairy wheels get taken off and you learn to ride a two wheeler, you then learn how to drive a car and run a home. Anything that is attached to something materialistic, you can be taught how to use it or taught the skill. All you need is the instruction manual and you are good to go. The issues begin when emotions come into play and your feelings and other human beings. You see, no-one can teach you how to deal with every single person because everyone is different and we all come with our own sets of rules and goals and life lessons. We learn from each other (the good and bad about a person can help you learn about the way in which a certain type of person functions) and by learning about other people, we begin to learn more about ourselves and the type of people we can and cannot handle. New problem… what if you are related to someone you cannot handle all the time? A person who you cannot connect with or understand on a certain level… I was told a story tonight that I would like to share with you

A few years ago a man became very rich and his father lived with him. They were not short of anything and whatever the father needed, he got and the son was very happy to give it to him. As the years went by, the father got older and more and more demanding and slowly but surely, the son could not take it anymore and he kicked the father out the house and onto the streets. The more the son thought about all the mess the father would make and all the stuff he broke, the better he felt about his decision. A few weeks past and the grandson was walking home and saw a bunch of beggars on the side of the road. The one stopped him and asked for some money or food or something. The grandson turned around and said, “I am sorry but I don’t have anything with me at the moment.” The grandfather grabbed his hand and said, “Do you not recognise me? I am you grandfather.” The boy was in shock and told his grandfather to wait one minute as he ran home to get help. When he got home he started to cry and said to his father that you have to help him! He has become a beggar and has nothing. “My son, I am not interested in your sob stories but go into the attic and get a coat and you can give it to him.” The grandson wiped his tears and went to go get the coat. A few minutes later the father went to the attic and asked what is taking him so long. Eventually the son came down with half of a coat. “My son! What have you done? Now there is no coat and your grandfather is going to freeze!” The son looked at his father and said,” I am saving the other half of the coat for when I kick you out the house just like you did to your father.” It was at that moment that the son realised what he had done and he brought his father back into his home…

We are all faced with challenges and people we do not always want to deal with but at the end of the day, we have to be grateful that they are there and that we have to do what we have to do sometimes. We cannot live life with regrets and no matter how much something or someone might get on your nerves, we have to remember that one day we will all be there and we will all get old and need some help and someone to be there.

Don’t give half a coat. Give the full coat and learn to balance everything.

Have a great weekend guys

Time to think like a child

Hey guys

So I am not going to keep saying sorry for not writing as much. I promise you that I am writing when I have the time to write but at the moment, I just don’t have the time to be one with my thoughts and feelings…

Anyway, time for a catch up session and some words of wisdom or clarity. I have started a new job and it is fun but its stressful at times. I am basically the person who fills in for anyone who cannot do their job or is not there. Sounds weird but working with children is lots of fun and is rewarding because when that child gets toys with his tickets or knocks down 2 pins, they get so excited and it got me thinking. I work 9 hour shifts and I get to watch children have fun in what they believe is heaven. Mommy or daddy gives someone money, they can then go play games and at the end of it, they get toys. How awesome is that! You get rewarded for playing games. Now when we grow up, we forget about that feeling. Same as children in a candy store, its heaven and the best place on earth. As we grow up, we don’t lose the idea of how awesome it is to play with games and that feeling in a candy store but we do forget that we still children and parts of us always will be.

I am a college student now and I sometimes feel like I have been given too much to deal with. I am not an adult yet! I am still a teenager and I want to stay a teenager. I am not ready to be an adult and start thinking about how my marks now reflect on my future and my actions will either make me earn more or less money. I want to be that child on the bumper cars having fun and driving into people and then laughing about it. Or swashing the spiders and getting rewarding for it… I was then told to go onto the floor and help the kids out and explain how the games work and then I was placed in the bar area to check on the people playing pool and table tennis and then it hit me… I am still the kid in the games room. It is just a different room and different games with different prizes.

At first, the prizes was silly string and dolls. Then it changed to mind puzzles and model cars and now the prizes are apartments and a job that makes me and other people happy. I will always be a child at heart because at the end of the day when I lie in my daddy’s arms, I am his little girl and he will always be there to protect me and explain to me how the game works and help me get the best prizes that I can get.

I am still the same little girl who drew on the walls and cried in my mommy’s arms but I am just crying and drawing on different things and I am gaining new things and my idea of heaven is still the same but different people are there and my mind is set on new prizes and just like before, I did not stop until I got the prize I wanted, I will not stop now until I get the apartment I want with the person I want to get it with and I won’t stop until I am the best at my nw game because my new game is going to make people smile when I am done and in my eyes, there is nothing better than going to bed knowing that I have placed a smile on someone’s face and made them feel better about themselves.

So keep being that child in the arcade room.


It’s okay

By: Ashlee Zlotnick

It’s okay to be scared
of things you don’t understand.
It’s ok to feel anxious
when things don’t go your way.
It’s okay to miss someone
when they are not near.
It’s okay to feel alone,
when you with a group of people.
It’s okay to need to be alone
and have time to yourself.
It’s okay to say you need someone
and ask them to be there.
It’s okay to be weak and afraid
and need someone to protect you.
It’s okay to lose yourself for a bit
because I will always guide you back.
It’s okay… It will always be okay.

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