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Time to change the world

Hello strangers.

I know I have been distant at the moment, I have been so busy writing for everyone else that I have forgotten to write for me.

It has been a long few weeks and I have had to overcome a lot of different mountains let alone obstacles. I have learned a lot though and I would like to share my biggest lesson I have learned.

When did we forget how to be children? Good question wouldn’t you say? I feel that once you have become an adult or you get out of school, you forget to love the small things in life. You forget to ask questions and look at the world with awe. My family mocks me and often tells me that I am immature and this is so far from the truth. I am financially stable, I have a full time job, I own a business and I make money by writing articles for overseas people and yet they think I act like a child. Truth is, I do act like a child because it keeps me grounded.

Life is hard and life is unfair however, life can be fun as well. I work a full day and come home to play Disney songs or get up to mischief with my dad because life is too short to be serious all the time. There are more people on anxiety medication or reflux medication caused by stress that the thought is actually making me sick.

Go outside and play like you played when you were children. Make a mess and laugh about it instead of screaming like an idiot about how much it cost. If you do not want it to get dirty, don’t buy it. It really is that simple!

Appreciate the small things in life like a dragonfly floating above the water or how astonishing bubbles are. If you walk past a bubble and do not want to pop it, there is something seriously wrong with it.

Take it from me, become a child from an hour a day and you will see how much better your life will become. You will be more relaxed and become more grateful for what you have.




Tree of life

Image result for tree of life

By: Ashlee Zlotnick

As I look up
the blue is blocked.
Branches as long as poles
intertwined and locked.

Homes to many…
bird, flower or bee.
What an amazing site.
Truly remarkable to see.


If you look past the green…
Focus your eyes beyond.
You’ll see the sky crystal blue
and a white cloud with a great bond.

Somethings we need to look past
what seems to be in the way.
Turns out those locks create a scene
to inhibit a perfect day

Keep believing in yourself


By: Ashlee Zlotnick

There are times in life
where you not perfect.
There are times when you don’t succeed.
There are times when you want to give in.
Feels like right now you can’t deal.

A rainbow can only come after rain.
The day comes after night.
Spring comes after winter.
Growth comes after a storm
and healing comes after a broken heart.

You need to stay true to yourself.
Believe that you’ll get through.
Trust that I’ll carry you
BUT most of all: keep believing in yourself.

Kid in a candy store

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

People are always expecting more.
I’m like a kid in a candy store.
I’m constantly wowed by the universe
just like people get excited when there is money in their purse.

When a kid see’s giant candy,
they think that life is just dandy.
I’m the same when I see green
and smile when nature’s true beauty is seen.

I get the butterfly feeling when I am on stage
just like when kids read Willy Wonka and turn the page.
Their imagination will saw high
and that feeling stays until we say bye.

Moral is: I’m a kid in the candy store.
When it comes to life, I am not a bore.
I love my life and everything in it.
So in my store of life, I’ll just sit

Such Beauty

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

Isn’t nature just mysterious?
To think that everything has a purpose.
Nothing was created to look good only
but also complete its job.

We as humans take things for granted.
We do not always see the beauty in flowers
and how many methods and processes it had to go through
to become that gorgeous flower you throw on your wedding day.

We get irritated with the noise of nature.
Getting woken up by birds singing
and the feares sounds of an African storm.
Without these things, life would be silent.

We take for granted our privileges.
The fact that we have an education and
a small thing like a roof over our heads.
Without this we would be homeless and uneducated.

The ability to see and hear
we feel we have the right to such powerful advantages.
some people have never had the ability to complain about such beauty
however, we are so lucky to be able to see and hear.

Don’t take life for granted
and don’t be so quick to complain.
Think about what it must be like
if one day these things were taken away…

Living under the stars

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

Life is just great
when you can live under the stars.
You see what G-D has created
right in front of your eyes.

Having a bond fire on the right hand side
and your best friend on the left,
living under the stars has never been so appealing…

You get to hear the sounds of nature:
birds singing, crickets chirping and the ocean flowing.
When morning comes, you smell the freshness
and you can get in your car and go home.

Others live under the stars their whole life.
I must say life like that would be great
but the thought of not having a roof over my head when it rains
worries me a bit.


My fishing trip

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

The thought of having to fish
was not something I was looking forward to.
I come from the city and don’t like to get my hands dirty
but this was something I just had to do.

So there I was getting in the boat.
I did not have a life jacket on, I know that was wrong
but soon we started to glide across the water
and nature was singing its amazing song.

I began to become very fond of the idea of fishing
and sitting and tanning on the boat.
We came home with 40 fish
but I wouldn’t want to gloat.

Out on the water taught me a lot.
I had time to reconnect with me.
I learnt what life means to my heart
and how much I truly love my family.

Good Morning Beautiful Spring

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

Waking up this morning.
Spring is in the air.
Taking a deep breath in,
you can smell Jasmine every where.

The sun is shining
and the birds are singing their tune.
Tonight the stars will shine
under the light of the moon.

Because spring is here,
love is in the air too.
Newly blossomed flowers and couples
will surely surround you.

The cold is now over.
Time to let the  sun shine.
Good morning beautiful spring.
Lets celebrate, bring out the wine.

Reaching your goal

Reaching your goal is one thing but achieving them and seeing them through is another. I for once know where I want to go in life and I have set myself goals that I know I am able to reach. I may be young and I may not have experienced life like most of you have but I have been able to reach a few goals of mine already and I am very proud and excited that I have done it so here are some pointers to help some of you out…

We all know that a lioness will sit day in and day out stalking her pray and when that moment comes, she pounces and her target goes down. She is privileged enough to have the feeling of satisfaction. She set a target for herself and waited patiently and then she got what she wanted. Nature is a magical thing because animal and human are alike in most aspects of life. this instance is no different. If we try and mimic what the lioness does, then we too will be able to reach our goals or targets. The key to the perfect catch for the lioness is FOCUS!! If she does not take her eyes off the target for one second, she will always be focused on it and constantly reminded why she is sitting in the tall grass waiting for her perfect catch when she could find something easier to catch and less effort but it will not be as satisfying at the end of the day.

Life for us is the same. Reaching our goals is the same. All we need to do is be focused on what we want and don’t let anything stop us from getting it or trying our hardest to get it. We must always be constantly reminded by our peers and ourselves why we are where we are. When you feel like giving up or throwing the towel in…DON’T because there is a reason why you set yourself that goal. Don’t ever lose hope when it seems like hope is not there because there is always hope, you just have to look a bit harder and when the time is right go out there and get your target because that is what you truly want and if you put your mind to it, you can do anything!!!

Natures Treasure

By:Ashlee Zlotnick


A tree is the world’s natural treasure.

It grows from a seed, then grows roots, a bark, little branches, leaves and then buds with either flowers or fruit.

In order to maintain this magnificent object of nature, it must be watered and cared for for every day.


Love is a humans natural treasure.

It has to be been taken care of correctly and cherished. It gives us a warm feeling inside and makes one feel good as they know they are loved,

just like nature feels good because the tree is giving animals homes.


Love can last forever as long as its taken care of and everyone can enjoy it. All we need to do is love one another as fellow brothers and sisters and

TOGETHER we can make the world a better place.

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