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Time for something new

Good evening my gorgeous viewers.

I have been battling at the moment with grounding myself and finding time to just breathe and be one with the world once again so…

I am adding an addition to my blog. It is called Meditation Corner. I will be posting stuff that will enlighten your life. Such as ways in which to breathe properly, surrounding yourself with good people and energy, detox waters and so on. Everything that will give you time out and help you and myself recenter our thoughts and feelings.

What do you guys think about my new addition?

Will be posting new material soon.

Love always,



NEW Category

Hey guys:)

I have wanted to add an aspect to my blog that will allow everyone to enjoy my blog. Poetry and thoughts are not everyone ‘thing’. I understand that and I have added something for you to enjoy…

My review section. This is where I will be putting my thoughts up about the newest music,movies,books, Tv series, concerts and whatever else you would like me to review. Music is my muse! There is a song for every feeling and every situation. Movies are the best when they are enjoyed with friends,family, hot chocolate and of course a blanket. Winter is coming so best be getting ready.

Hope you enjoy this section. Let me know your thoughts and comments. Email me anytime and I will get back to you ASAP. Feel free to ask me anything