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Time Restraints

By: Ashlee Zlotnick

As the strap gets wrapped
around my fragile neck,
my heart begins to race.
WAIT! I need one more sec…

The buckle gets fastened
and my neck begins to grow.
Losing air quickly I fear.
All I want to do is say no.

Tic toc tic toc.
The time slowly tics away.
Suffocation takes over!
I am defeated… I have no say.

Nothing is no longer free.
Time controls it all.
One hour coffee here and there.
Everything is restricted, I’ve hit a wall.

I am slowly suffocating with time restraints.
I can no longer be spontaneous.
That’s what happens when you grow up.
Watch out the window… is a sure miss.

Life’s a milkshake

Image result for kid enjoy his milkshake

By: Ashlee Zlotnick

So bad yet so good.
Can always switch up your mood.
Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla or lime…
Life can be boring or full of slime.

Lumps and bumps or smooth sailing.
The sky can be blue then suddenly hailing.
Can be full of love and make you cry
or doubt your decisions and wonder why.

Full of taste, yum, colour and divine.
You will smile when you see the sign.
Low fat, full cream or double thick,
life is full of choices, experiment, take a lick.

This is a weird metaphor you may say
but lets be honest, it made your day.
Go on, enjoy your full cream milkshake…
Soon it will be finished…another? you can’t make.

Time to cut ties



By: Ashlee Zlotnick

I find it rather amazing
how one call can make snap.
One jester can mean the world…
But I guess I never got that lightening zap.

In your eyes I don’t deserve recognition.
I don’t even deserve a sarcastic well done.
In your eyes I took the easy way out
a beauty school drop out, excuse the pun.

Call me jealous, selfish or even a bitch.
Call me whatever you like, I don’t mind.
BUT I am cutting you all loose.
I don’t need your constant grind.

My life choices don’t affect you.
Frankly I am happy and I don’t care.
I will run circles around you and your degree!
Try me… I enjoy a good dare.


By: Ashlee Zlotnick

Deep within our soul lies an
Evil monster brewing so cold.
Praying on the innocence of
Run away minds and thoughts. So
Excitingly scary… at the same time
Someone always seems to fall short.
Slowly slipping into another dimension.
Immersing into a pool of black,darkness.
Only seeing the now and not the full
Notion of the ride that’s called life.

Canceling those thoughts cane be hard.
And a challenge however, they can turn
Nice if you try your best.

Breaking the barrier is possible and stopping
Evil from all sides can most definitely happen.

Basically what I’m trying to say is:
Every bad has ten more good and
Anyone has the power with a support system…
The moral is: Depression Can Be Beat!

Boxed Out



left out

By: Ashlee Zlotnick

I don’t feel boxed in…
I’m not surrounded by walls.
I can see the entire picture.
I’m not locked out by doors…

I can see the sky above me.
I can feel the fresh green grass.
I only have one problem…
You on the other side of the glass.

I don’t feel boxed in.
I guess that’s because I’m on the outside.
I’m looking out in and watching you.
The distance between is far too wide.

I guess it’s all ok.
I know I’ll be in once again.
But this whole idea…
has caused a bit of pain.

Shattered Mirror

Image result for shattered mirror

By: Ashlee Zlotnick

I used to look into a mirror
and see a life so clear.
As I looked into the distance,
I see people far and near.

The more comfortable I got,
the more I could clearly see.
Distinguishing who was pure
and understood who liked me.

But as I came closer to the end
a fog overtook my clear picture.
It’s almost like someone pointed a light
but all you could see was fade and flicker.

My mirror is now shattered.
Pieces of what used to be on the floor.
Something that I used to hold dear…
Is just memory, but reality no more.


The rose

By: Ashlee Zlotnick

Started off as a little seed
barely breaking through the earth.
As the time passes, stems begin to grow
and soon after permanent roots form.

Seasons change and buds connect.
The summer sun allows flowers to blossom.
Fragrances fill the crisp air
and colours broaden the garden spectrum.

The flower brings in positivety.
Sometimes even looks like it is judging.
It is there to be a home to animals
and a voice of reason for lost souls.

Winter comes and takes it away.
Everything is just sad and morbid
BUT you have a picture of your rose in your mind.
I wish it was forever…frozen in time.


Image result for wrinkly hands holding young hands

By: Ashlee Zlotnick

Soft but wrinkly,
warm but shaky.
Lack of strength
yet full of love.

You held my hand
as tight as you could.
You’ll never let go you said.
Never, even if you should.


Yet willing to explore.
Allowing me to venture.
Travel far or near
You’ll be there for me.

Dear Brother

Image result for matric 2015

By: Ashlee Zlotnick

I sat by your cot
and watched you sleep.
I sat patiently watching,
you didn’t make a peep.

I was there before you smiled,
laughed and spoke.
I was even there
before your first chock.

Your first steps,fall,
cry and lie.
I was there long before
you started to question how and why.

Grade 1 was oh so hard.
The rest came like a gentle breeze.
Time stopped for no-one…
I’m not crying, I just sneezed.

Today you stand before me
all grown up, armed with your Bic.
Today you stand before me
as a brave 2015 Matric.

Tree of life

Image result for tree of life

By: Ashlee Zlotnick

As I look up
the blue is blocked.
Branches as long as poles
intertwined and locked.

Homes to many…
bird, flower or bee.
What an amazing site.
Truly remarkable to see.


If you look past the green…
Focus your eyes beyond.
You’ll see the sky crystal blue
and a white cloud with a great bond.

Somethings we need to look past
what seems to be in the way.
Turns out those locks create a scene
to inhibit a perfect day

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