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Don’t quit

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

When life has got you down
and you not sure where to turn.
You have a frown
when you really want to be positive and learn.
You want to have a high
but you don’t know how
and you let out a mighty sigh
because it feels like life is being a cow.

Life will have its down hills
but soon you will reach the top, I don’t lie.
No matter what you are still
you. Don’t let anyone question why!
No matter what, don’t you dare quit
because giving up is not fun,
It would be easier just to quit
but then you will never have won.

To win the prize,
you must suffer a bit.
Listen to me because this advice is wise:


By:Ashlee Zlotnick

A storm comes
and the thunder scares us.
Rain falls
and dampens our mood.

Something bad comes along
and makes us question.
Confusion and conflict takes over
and the future doesn’t look bright.

The rain clears
and the sun will shine.
Left over rain drops shine so bright
and we notice the little things.

When life turns around
and we see the good and not bad,
life shines bright in our heart
and we forget the bad.

But then the sun comes
and dries up all the rain
just like we stop focusing on the good
and once again see the bad.

DON’T focus on the storm
but look at the rainbow!

Time to get out of this negative bubble!!!

Good afternoon everyone:)

This week has not been easy on a lot of people and by the look of things most people have been having a bad week. We all seem to be stuck in this negative bubble and it is now time to get out of it!

For me this week has not been an easy one at all. A teacher at my school died but he was more than just a teacher, he was a friend, a mentor and a mench. He was a son, brother, uncle and nephew. When death comes along, it brings out the worst in people and when some people tend to speak their mind and hurt people others tend to shut down… They seem to build a wall and not allow anyone in. This is a normal reaction for people to do but then you become a volcano and you will soon erupt and make life more harder for yourself than it should be. It is time to do some cleaning

Your brain is like a box of toys. When you ignore certain situations and you make as if you don’t feel anything other than happiness, your box of toys is messed up and is in need of a huge clean out. Every situation is like a toy, it goes in a certain place in the box and it has warnings on it to make sure you play with it right. Once the situation comes and you see you don’t enjoy it, you place the toy in the box but in the wrong place. Soon you will find that the box does not fit anymore toys and when you place one more toy in it, th whole box over flows and you are left with a mess and it is time to finally sit down and clean it out…

You can prevent the box from over flowing by learning to deal with the toy and enjoy the respect you will discover. The respect will be for yourself because once you realise the toy is fun or usable or can be given to someone else, you will feel proud.

Same with life. When we are given something we do not like, we cannot simply just throw it into a box and never open it again. We need to learn to deal with it and learn to live with it. Not everything in life is nice, fun,enjoyable. We get things that upset us, scare us, make us want to hide BUT we are stronger than we think and we can only find out how strong we are if we do not give up and throw things away but take the time to figure it out.

It is a long and painful process but in the long run we will get out of this bubble that is black, horrible and unwelcoming.

Life is not easy, it is not a walk in the park but if we take it one step at a time and enjoy the stroll… We can encounter the beauty and talk to people we would not have if we ran.

Look at the sunrise and sunset not the eclipse.

Have a great weekend




By:Ashlee Zlotnick

A light breaks darkness.
A light allows us to see.
A light is at the end of the tunnel.
A light glows inside of me.
A light provides confidence.
A light creates fear.
A light shows us beauty.
A light will bring you to your dear.
A light shows us what’s wrong.
A light shows us what’s right.
A light is often misleading.
A light will reveal its self if you use your site.

It is part of who we are
so don’t be afraid to show your light.
You cane be the light in your own life
but the darkness, you must fight!

Box of crayons

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

Life right now seems dull and grey.
I’d like to give you advice if I may…
Open your heart so you can see
the bright colours that are before you and me.

My advice is very clear:
there is a box of crayons near.
24 colours for you to choose
and in the end, you can’t lose.

Positivity,self-esteem and love is what you need.
I’ll always be there to help you do the deed.
These elements will help you see the colour in life
and we will cut all the bad out with a knife.

Use this box of crayons to help life look good
and burn the grey with a match and wood.
Watch the bad go up in a flame.
From that day on, life will never be the same!