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Staying or leavingĀ 

good evening all you gorgeous people out there

To stay or go? That’s the question you will ask yourself at least once in your life… Do I stay and be unhappy and leave and be happy but I might be alone for awhile…

Hard question to ask yourself but it is a question that needs to be taken seriously. 

This does not only work for marriage and romantic relationships. This question can be asked for friends, work, even long distance relatives… Do you stay and not be alone? Do you stay because you feel obligated and you just comfortable and used to having that person there…. Or do you do the brave thing and do something for you. Do something that will make you happy in the long run…

It’s a hard question and my answer is simple: as hard as leaving may be, staying for the wrong reasons is even worse…

Think about it


Mirror Image

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Hey guys,

Ever wonder how someone else sees you? Not in a physical way but in an emotional, psychological way? Do they see you for who you are? Someone they can use and abuse? Someone who can mean the entire world to them however act like they don’t care that much when they with other people?

Interesting question right?

I have always been a straight forward person. If I don’t like you, I won’t pretend I like you in front of other people. If I love you, I am going to love you so that everyone else knows what you mean to me. I am a mirror image. How I see you, I show you and other people. If you my entire world and oxygen, people know that and know that I will check up on you and talk to you even when I am not with you.

People change when they are around other people. You might have to be more professional, act like an adult and not a child but does that mean that you treat people differently and don’t do what you normally would if they weren’t around? Granted, the people you are with need your attention and running around and being in other places the whole time is wrong but your every day actions should not change and how you treat people shouldn’t change either.

Learn to be a mirror image and not a person who changes because of surroundings…