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2017- It’s going to be a good one

Hello all my gorgeous viewers

What a way to start the year! It has been raining in my hometown for a week already. I would like to think of it as a sign that it is time to allow things to grow and become green again.

Last year was not fun for many people.  A lot seemed to have happened in the last few months and everyone ended the year off with a cross face or feeling down. It is time to all stand up and watch the world grow green grass and flowers. It is time for us all to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and start to make something of our lives.

I was cleaning out my room today and decided that I was going to throw all the negative thoughts and feelings out the window and embrace the good and warmth of positivity.

It is time to grow and better ourselves. This is going to be a year where we are all going to accomplish our dreams and make a name for ourselves.

Happy new year!




Goodbye 2014 hello 2015

Good evening all my gorgeous viewers… Miss me?

Tonight’s post is not something sad nor happy. It is a mere memory of me saying goodbye and letting go of what I do not need and cherishing what I have got…

Goodbyes first: I would like to say goodbye to my diploma as I am finally finished! no more studying for waxing or make-up. No more 10 hour exams. I am done with my Somotology diploma.How scary is that? I remember sitting outside massaging my mom’s best friend ten years ago telling her how much I would love to do this as a job one day. I am the type of person who will get what she wants and will stop at nothing until I get it. So i convinced my dad to come to the open day  with me. He did not want me to become a beauty school drop out but once he saw much work I would have to put in, he was more than happy to let me do it. Now here I am… At the finish line. This year was hard for me. Not only from a school point of view but from an emotional one as well. My family fell apart, my grandfather has not been well at all and I have had to say goodbye to people who have died and they meant a lot to me.

Looking back at the year, you would say that the year has been pretty dull,grey and gloomy.I have fought with my sister more times with year than I think I have in my entire life. I have been knocked down so many times that I am surprised I am still standing but I do prefer to look at the bright side. I for one love colour so here is my colour…

I have grown as a person so much this year. I have become who I have wanted to be for awhile and although there is always room for improvement, I am very happy with who and what I have become.

I would like to say hello to: specialising in a field whereby I can heal people with the power of touch. Next year my dream comes true and I cannot be happier. My boyfriend and I will be going out for a year next year, that is pretty big for me. My brother will be finishing school and starting his own career and following his own dreams. My Shmoobear will be in grade 10. She chose her subjects. Scary to think she is starting to work on her dreams for after school. My lil sis will be in second year… She is able to follow her dreams and produce a lot next year.

I look forward to seeing them grow and for me to grow with them. Looking at is from this angle… next year does not look too bad at all. Got a few things planned such an concerts, business ventures and hopefully an amazing trip to end off the year.

So goodbye 2014. You have taught me a lot and have shown me what it means to look at the real colours in life and in people.

Focus on the rainbow and not on the rain guys.




Keep believing in yourself


By: Ashlee Zlotnick

There are times in life
where you not perfect.
There are times when you don’t succeed.
There are times when you want to give in.
Feels like right now you can’t deal.

A rainbow can only come after rain.
The day comes after night.
Spring comes after winter.
Growth comes after a storm
and healing comes after a broken heart.

You need to stay true to yourself.
Believe that you’ll get through.
Trust that I’ll carry you
BUT most of all: keep believing in yourself.

We need a little…

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

No-one ever enjoys the pain
but to get a gorgeous rainbow,
we need a little rain.

No-one ever enjoys being sad
but to see all the good,
we need a little bad.

No-one ever likes to fight
but to see who is true,
we need a little grey before the bright.

No-one ever likes a negative zing
but to get clear vocal cords,
we need a little scream before we can sing.

No-one ever likes to be wrong
but to see who is right,
we need a little reason to sing our song.

No-one ever enjoys a scare
but to enjoy the ride,
we need a little push on the coaster because we only stare.

No-one ever enjoys a scar
but they your war wounds guys,
we need a little cut to realise we a star.


By:Ashlee Zlotnick

A storm comes
and the thunder scares us.
Rain falls
and dampens our mood.

Something bad comes along
and makes us question.
Confusion and conflict takes over
and the future doesn’t look bright.

The rain clears
and the sun will shine.
Left over rain drops shine so bright
and we notice the little things.

When life turns around
and we see the good and not bad,
life shines bright in our heart
and we forget the bad.

But then the sun comes
and dries up all the rain
just like we stop focusing on the good
and once again see the bad.

DON’T focus on the storm
but look at the rainbow!