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Now what

Have you guys ever been hit with a rock so big that you have no idea how you feel? You know that feeling when you run into the garage door, fall on the floor and you start to laugh before you cry because your body is just so numb? Or how about when you are just so angry you don’t care? Welcome to my world…

I have been faced with one of my biggest relationship challenges I think I have ever been faced. There are just so many people to consider that I have got no idea how to move forward from here. And my best part, when I think I am ready to move on… The rock comes back to hit me with even more force.

My puzzle that used to be my life, a perfect picture with a few spaces between them has now turned into a mess on the floor and I want to just walk away. But I can’t… why… because I am not the only one to consider. There are other people being effected by this rock. People who used to love this rock but right now, all I see is the mold.

I guess once you hurt me to a point, I break. I am strong but right now I am far from it. I am injured and torn and just in pieces and I am not sure what my glue is… For those of you know read my work often will know about my broken plate idea. (Go look in my theories section for the broken plate) So I do not think that right now there is a way to fix my plate right now and this is scaring me a lot.

So now what…


I am back!

Good evening all my gorgeous viewers!

I am sorry I have not posted but I have been away and took a break from my laptop but I have still been writing and I will post my poems soon but tonight it is time to fill you all in and maybe you can learn a thing or two from my mistakes.

Firstly: I am very proud of my Shmoobear and her other half as they have both been asked to join a hip hop group that will compete in a contest to go to Germany. Pretty cool stuff so I am very proud of them! Also, my little sister passed matric with flying colours and I am very proud of her. She worked her ass off and got the marks that she deserves and I have all the faith in her that she will do even better this year in University. As for my brother, his marks were also very good and I;m proud of him too. I finished first year with 8 distinctions so got nothing to complain about there. Hard work and dedication gets you places in life, you just need to push through the mud to get to the waterfall.

I have always told everyone to take every opportunity that comes their way. Whether it be a relationship, job offer or anything that will benefit your life. Even if it is for a few months… Having said that, there are times in life where you just can’t take it. The bad outweighs the good and it is just not worth losing what you will lose to get a year or two in some other place. Sometimes, not taking it is what will work better for you. It is all a balancing act and you just got to know when to let go of the opportunity and when to hold on no matter what. No need to regret anything because you will gain something better or sustain something that means the world to you.

This holiday, I have had a lot of thinking time. I have thought about all my options, where I want to be, where I want to go and who I want to go there with. My conclusion: my family is my life! They mean more to me than anything. My studies is where I need to be in terms of a job someday. Making people feel better and good about themselves makes me happy. Nothing better than a smile on your face and a fuzzy feeling in your heart but what makes it better is when it is placed there because you have made someone’s day better. I know where everyone says I should be is wrong because I know where I NEED to be and it is right here!

I can’t change who I am. I am as stubborn as they come and I make people angry with me at times because I tell things how they are. I am a Taurus, sorry:P BUT I will never be sorry for protecting my family and I will never be sorry for my paths I chose because at the end of the day, it has made me who I am today. So yes you can use my past against me but I don’t care. My past has made me realise who I don’t want to be! and who I can and can’t mix with. I am who I am and I am proud of it

Be proud of who you are! because you are the only person in the world who can be you…

Have a great year guys and thank you for sticking with me
Much Love

Never Know

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

Within your eye, I see me.

Within your heart, I see we.

Within your smile, I hear let’s be.

I am the lock and you’re my key.


In you life I will stay.

Love is definitely coming our way.

To you I will forever say:

you always brighten up my day.


You never know what tomorrow will bring,

so take life under your wing.

Be like a bird and a happy song you’ll sing,

which will give life that ultimate zing.


Love a fellow as you love your life

and one day my dears you’ll become a wife.

What I say to you is oh so true.

If it can happen to me, it will happen to you.

Relationship Oath

By:Ashlee Zlotnick


The sun is upon my face

as I awaken with a smile.

You have a certain form of grace.

I can see your reflection on the tile.


My heart begins to race

as you come closer towards me.

I open up my mental case

to figure out exactly what are we.


It is beating like a bass

as our lips begin to touch.

I feel your heart beating at an irregular pace.

This feeling is becoming too much.


We are tied together with a single lace

as a volcano erupts inside us both.

In a deck of cards, you are my ace

because we have finally taken the relationship oath.

You My Secrete

By:Ashlee Zlotnick


As the sun begins to set.

Our secrete is safe with us.

One day it will get out I bet

and the world will know about it.


I think about you a lot

and how safe you make me feel.

I love your little birth dot

and how you turn my frown upside down.


We try to keep it in

but our feelings shine out.

I feel that you are a win

and a life changing guy.


I can talk to you about anything

and you never judge me.

You the wind beneath my wing.

I’m so glad to have you in my life.


See through you, I can do.

I know you better than most.

Will we forever be stuck like glue?

Or will we drift apart?